Monday, February 10, 2014

Whenevery I Hear the Song of a Bird

Or look at the blue blue sky...

I wish I could paint a picture for you this week.  My thoughts are kind of more in picture form then word form.   Does that even make sense?  I have a prayer journal I started using at the beginning of January, it's a sketch book. I've always been a doodler but it's kind of a cool way to focus my thoughts while I pray at night sometimes I just draw pictures of flowers to help my brain get on track.  Maybe that means I'm crazy....

If I could draw a picture right now of how my week went I might start with a heart... then I would draw curly-q's only because it's Valentine's day this week.  Then I might draw a bird sitting at the top of a very large tree, I would try to portray how cold that little bird was sitting up on that single branch, that's hard when you're using a pen, maybe at this point I'd switch over to water colors.  Or maybe I'd just doodle music notes and write out the lyrics to called to serve.... maybe I'd just be doing all of this to inspire myself....
So it has been a good week. Interesting but none the less a good one.  We live in such a beautiful world.  So many amazing people, so many incredible stories.   We have so many reminders that we are not alone in this universe. Whether it's a breeze on your face or the crazy sound of weird Nebraskan birds it's all such a testament that God is real.  He loves us and he wants us to remember that.   How much I love Grandma Clara's song "My Heavenly Father Love's Me"   Primary songs have always hit a soft spot in my heart, but this one is just my favorite I guess. She seems to touch on all the ways that I personally understand Heavenly Father's love.  Maybe that's because that's how I learned it, from the song itself, but  I know that she was inspired in her words.  I think we are friends forever. 
So back to my weird picture... There really was a bird sitting on the top of the Zachary's tree this week. For some reason I noticed it, (it really did make a very loud weird noise... kind of like the sound of a horn mixed with the bird on "for the birds")  But it got me thinking, what would it be like to be sitting on top of that huge tree all alone?  I for one personally quite enjoy climbing trees and maybe I'd be happy, but it would also be soooo cold, and lonely.  The bird I feel was out of place, it should have been migrated far far away.  It is most definitely not spring here yet and probably won't be for some time.   So what do you think?  Was this a lost bird?  Did it forget where it was supposed to be in February?  Maybe so maybe not.... but I think it had a purpose in being there.  All things have a purpose, and God provides way for miracles to happen when we do what he says.  Sometimes we find the person that is lonely and out of place, sometimes we need to remind them where their place is.  But sometimes still the out of place bird reminds us where we belong, where our place is.  Maybe that bird was there so I would be reminded of  what I'm doing here in Nebraska, freezing and fighting the sideways falling snow (it falls sideways no joke) My purpose is to find the lonely and down trodden... to remind them that they are loved by a most loving heavenly father. 
So I must apologize for this weird e-mail.  (though I should never apologize for "what I bring to the table" according to a wise woman I live with)  But a miracle just happened.  A lost little bird just came to talk to us!  We talked to this kind man at the Library last week, inviting him to come to church and see what it is that makes the Church of Jesus Christ so amazing.  He was kind and accepted our meager card.  But just now he walked over and said "I want to come try your church, I think I'll try to come next week"  Crazy right?  I thought so.  Well I hope you all have a lovely week and take good care of yourselves.  I hope you have sunshine in your souls no matter the temperature :)  I  am so grateful to be a missionary. 

Choose the Right forever!

Love Always,

Sister McMaster
P.S.  another miracle this week I GOT A LETTER FROM KATE MCCARTY.  that's all :)

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