Monday, February 3, 2014

Miracles on 35th Street

Are you so impressed with this title?  I came up with it while I was going to sleep two nights ago, I started just laughing out loud in my bed and Sister Youngberg thought I was crazy.  (someone should tell her she's right!) 
However, in all honesty there really have been so many miracles this week and this title is inspired in some ways ;) 
First of all I wanted to tell you about our miracle investigator.  I can't remember if I have told you about her yet or not, her name is Jerre.   So way back a million years ago when I was companions with Sister Call we decided to start a bible study at a senior living place.  It was a super random idea but it seemed inspired so we went through with it.  Then Sister Call left and Sister Youngberg and I were left to take on this weird beast of bible study.   It turns out no one really wanted to come... but we did have the lady that works at the center sit in to hear us talk about parables each week.  Finally we gave her a book of mormon and invited her to have a lesson at a member's house.   So guess what happened this week?  That lesson!  We had dinner and then we talked about Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon.  It was amazing!  She was so taken by Joseph's story, she kept repeating "I feel like I relate so much to him, I feel like I have been searching,I feel like I have been lost and don't know where to turn"   Man she's amazing.  She is so sweet and she thinks I'm demanding because I tell her to pray and read everyday, but I also thinks she knows that it truly will change her life.  I'm so excited to see her again and see if she's keeping these commitments and doing her part in coming to Christ. 
Angie is doing pretty well, we're not sure what's holding her back at this point because she has no problem coming to church every week.... We are going to be praying hard to be able to meet her needs tonight :)
Another crazy miracle, I went to my old Lincoln area on an exchange this week.  It was weird because they changed the ward boundaries since I've left... everything is different!  But we went and saw a less active that I had seen lots when I was there.  It turns out she still hadn't gone to church and was still just dragging her feet in excuses.... It was time to take action.  So we talked about commandments, and we talked about how crucial it is to keep the commandments that heavenly father has asked us to keep.  Coming to church is not just a good idea, it's a commandment!  We talked about how when we put the Lord first miracles happen. She didn't think her health would be good enough to sit at church and she was worried because she can't eat gluten so she was freaking out about the sacrament.  I asked her to pray that Heavenly Father would bless her with a miracle, and she did!  It was incredible,  She truly prayed with faith and she started crying and we were basically all crying and the spirit was really strong!  After her prayer we talked about after exercising faith we must take action.  So we were sure to give her names of people to call for a ride and then we made sure there would be rice cakes for her to take the sacrament.   So then we left and I prayed that she would make it to church.  Guess what folks, she did!  ( I wasn't there obviously but the sisters told us she made it!)  What an incredible thing it is to know that Heavenly Father will pour out blessings upon his children when we exercise our faith and as we take action to make things happen!  Don't be afraid to see miracles in your life everyday!  Heavenly Father's Love is right there! 
So it has been a really good week here in Nebraska.  I am so grateful to have you all as my eternal family.  I pray you are all healthy and strong and seeking your own miracles.  If you get a chance tell me how it goes!  Tell me about the miracles you see everyday! 
I love you all to the moon and space :)  Be good and Choose the RIGHT!
Love always and forever,
Sister McMaster
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