Monday, March 31, 2014

Adventure is out here. Snowdrop.

Well HI!

Remember me?  My life turned upside down this week!  Actually it didn't.   But it was a very interesting one.   No, I am not transfered yet but people keep telling me I will be.. they say "what do you think will happen?" my response is "I don't".   So anyway I'll find out on Thursday.  

So President Weston Called while I was e-mailing last week which ment my stomach exploded with butterflies... you know that sinking feeling?  Like snap... what did I do?  Who died?  Yeah that was the feeling.  But what happened is that we were put into a trio for a emergency transfer kind of deal... So now I have another Companion and another Area... until Friday!  Crazy!  And during all this we had 2 exchanges.. So I felt stressed out of my mind.  That's just how it was.  But guess what happens when you are stressed out of your mind?  Heavenly Father taps you on the shoulder and says "Relax... I prepared you for this"  So I keep that in mind and I am telling you people you must have been praying because It was such an incredible week.  Miracles around every corner and it was warm!  (We exercised on the swing set this morning)

So you'll never believe who my new companion is?  It's Sister Goldsberry!  She was in the MTC with me!  She is the one that broke her foot 5 days in and had to go get it all fixed.  But she's back out and is on fire!  I love her so much and It has been honestly the most fun I've ever had while in a Trio! (not that I've had much experience)    She is in the area just south of Belleview and so we just have two cars and sort of ping pong around.  It's just great!

So again this week I just fell in love with the Book of Mormon.  I can't even believe how much I love it!  I love Nephi and Jacob.. I'm reading about them right now.  They're so incredible.  I love to visualize who they really were and really understand how dedicated they were to the work.   I've also been studying Matthew and it's been fantastic to be reminded of the Savior's teachings.

So to top off an incredibly stressful week yesterday was testimony meeting.  I wanted to bear my testimony but I really wanted to go only if I really felt prompted by the spirit.  So I prayed while I was sitting there and asked Heavenly Father to help me know if it was my turn.  Then probably about 2 min after that prayer, Lily my little friend I told you about a few weeks ago, ran over to me in the middle of the meeting and gave me a hug.. just me.. no one else on the row.  So I took that as my little answer.  I love how simply Heavenly Father answers our prayers.  He knows our hearts and he know how to guide us perfectly.  Heavenly Father is helping me to become the instrument he needs.  It can only happen if you trust him.  That seriously is what I learn every day as a missionary.  If I trust Heavenly Father the miracles are unmistakable. 
I love this gospel so much.  I love our Savior Jesus Christ and am so grateful to come to know him better each day.  I hope you all have an incredible week and that you are able to enjoy conference!  Take good notes and let the spirit direct your thoughts.

Oh one last thing.  The world started turning green!  This is a picture of the first green thing I found here in Nebraska, it was a little snowdrop flower (I think?)  But if any of you are stardust fans you'll enjoy the symbolism of this flower.  It is a protecting flower.  This week I was able to feel joy because I was protected from doubts and fear.  The spirit of God is like a snowdrop.  It protects you from the hardest parts of life.  I hope you all seek the spirit more this week and that you remember how much you are loved by a crazy missionary in Nebraska. 

Love you!

Love always,

Sister McMaster

Monday, March 24, 2014

no subject. (Consider the Lilies of the Field)

Hey family.  It's been kind of a no subject kind of week.

haha actually I just am out of cool e-mails.  Just accept the fact that the Broken Middle C put me over the edge. 

Actually it was a really good week!  Sister Youngberg and I saw so many miracles.  This is pretty much normal life for missionaries but really it is incredible to be here and to watch people's lives change.
The Fairview Ward is fantastic.  I spent the whole week here!  It was Sister Youngberg's  turn to be roaming all over the world.  We have progressing investigators! I love it!  They want to get baptized too!  Jason is set for April 12 still and is going strong.  It's so cool!  Angie is progressing to pick a date, and is slow but she knows she is going to get baptized. Her dad received the Melchezidek(can't spell that one ever)  priesthood on Sunday!  He is so cool!  Then he went to the temple and one of the Youth did the baptism and confirmation of His wife!  how cool is that?  He is just beaming and we love teaching them!   I can't even tell you how incredible it is to see a family get closer and closer to being sealed for eternity.  I love this gospel.

This week I had a study session where I realized how true the book of mormon is.  Is that weird that that happens?  You'd think I'd have figured that out by now, but I think that I will always have room to increase my knowledge and understanding.  I have no doubt that the Book of Mormon is the word of God and how remarkable it is that because that is true I don't need to have any doubts!  As simple as that. 

Consider the Lilies of the field, how they grow.   This has been stuck in my head today.  I think that it is my new theme for the week... (maybe that should be my title... seems more inspiring)  But the Lord's plan is perfect.  How do we know that?  Well child, consider the lilies of the field how they grow?  Doesn't he take care of all the earth?  Don't the birds in the sky get fed?  Yes and Yes.  The Lord loves us just as he loves all of his creations.  How cool is that?  We don't need to worry, he will get us through whatever comes our way.  This I know to be absolutely true.  I love the gospel.  I am so excited for the upcoming conference.  Can you believe it's here already?  It blows my mind.  (though my conference ensign is falling apart so it's about time for a new edition!)  We've been encouraged by President Weston to study the words of the Prophet and to truly prepare ourselves for conference by bringing inspired questions.  I would invite you all to do so! :)  Study what president Monson taught.  Why did he focus so much on prayer?  So much on dealing with trials?  Perhaps because he knows perfectly that that's what God wanted us to hear. 
I love you all!  I hope you know you are in my prayers and I know that you've been praying for me, because I have received strength beyond my own.   Keep your faith strong and have a most enjoyable week!

Love you!

Sister McMaster

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Broken Middle C

Hello Family Dear that I Love!

BIRTHDAY PARADE!  Happy Birthday to the lovely Dad, Tan, Nat, Kim,Jordan, Grandma M.... and whoever else in the world that I missed....   I love you all so much!

Okay so I am short on Time today so sorry this will just be a wee little message... nothing vastly exciting. 
Parable of the Broken Middle C:

There once was a piano that was well out of tune, but it did it's best to fulfill it's duties.
Each note had a personality of it's own, each note a bit off, but nothing so horribly miserable as to ruin a song or anything.
Then one day the Middle C gave up. 
Stopped dead in it's tracks.
Left the rest of the notes to try to fill in the gaps. 
The musician looked down frustrated at the little note that didn't realize it's true value.
Especially with a song such as 263 that greatly needs a middle C.
So you ask, why this rather horrid almost poetic verse?  I answer because I have no time to write more...
So in the end it was not as bad as it could have been though the C stubbornly did not choose to play, so what do we learn from the Sad middle C?

I ask you to interpret for me.  Okay sorry I'm losing my mind.  But I was the pianist yesterday and experienced this.  Thought I'd turn it into a spiritual thought.  Don't ever give up.  Ever!  No matter if you're the Middle C or some other note... You are important in the grand scheme of things.  You have worth!  Every day I wake up and thank my heavenly father that I get to serve him yet another day. 

This week was not easy.. or hard really.  But it was a good week!  There were tears and laughter and I learned how much I need my Father in Heaven and My savior Jesus Christ.  I am learning to Trust in Him.  Remember Proverbs 3:5-6? I am realizing how much that means to me.  I am looking back at my life and seeing that he has directed my path. Sometimes we are hard on ourselves and think we haven't done enough, when really we just need to look back, to bow our head and thank our creator that he has been there for us the whole time.  He has continued to play our note, even if we didn't feel like we could make the sound he needed.  He will always play our note.

I love you all! Have a blessed week!

Sister McMaster

we found green tights... coolest missionaries ever :)
cupcakes we made!
my favorite people :)

Monday, March 3, 2014


I am so grateful for the updates from each of you this week :)  I'm glad that Sarah's birthday was smashing!  I smashed it here celebrating by putting together Bee boxes!  Probably not quite as cool as skiing.. but can any of you say you've ever built a Bee BOX?  I didn't think so.  We were on an exchange in Nebraska City and it was a  pretty good day (aside from the terrifying snow we drove home in... how grateful I am for prayer).

Before we ever start an exchange we always pray a lot, mostly because we are nothing without the Lord's help.  I felt so inadequate coming into this exchange, I don't quite know why but I knew I needed to pray hard.  In my selfish worries of how I could help the sisters, it became very clear to me that my focus for the exchange would be to Listen.   I wrote that word down in my prayer journal like 8 times.... so Heavenly father was trying to tell me something.  How often do we seek answers and ask and ask and ask and ask and forget to listen?  How often do we learn how to ask questions and then fail to listen to the answer.  I have often felt so focused on how I'm doing as a missionary that I forget to listen to what people around me are saying.  Sometimes we have to listen for what they are not saying.  Sometimes it is really hard to hear the spirit, but if we open our ears we can hear.  One of my favorite stories in the Book of Mormon is in 3 Nephi, when the nephites are not able to hear what is being said until they open their ears to hear.  How in the world do you open your ears?   Maybe you know better than I do, but I know it's something that I am slowly learning how to do.  Maybe we can all work on it together.
Yesterday during testimony meeting a little miracle happened.   We have been working with this sweet and kind of sarcastic girl named Krista.  I love her to death, we call her just about every day because she just needs to do missionary things (she wants to go on a mission but is snailing her way there :))  She got up during sacrament meeting and told the congregation how much her testimony has grown because we have been so persistent with her.  She has been coming to church almost regularly and is preparing to go to the temple.  It was such a sweet moment when I realized that the lord's work is perfect and if He sent me across the country to help Krista so she can go on a mission somewhere else in the world and bring people to Christ, well then I have accomplished the Miracle he sent me here to do.    It was a very sweet realization.
Other miracles, we have a new investigator named Jason, he's pretty golden and it's really exciting! Cool to because his 3 Sons are pretty closely related to Joseph Smith.  Sister Youngberg and I keep noticing how incredible the spirit of Joseph Smith is when we teach.  It's really cool.  We are excited to see him start to progress! He came to church so we're on our way!   I love this work.  It's amazing.

Keep doing what you're doing because I know the Lord is so proud of all of you and your hard work.  Thank you for being such an incredible support to me.  I love each of you so very much.   Good luck with everything!  Happy birthday to this week's March People! (Stuart!)  Hope you are all enjoying getting old this month (I crack myself up sometimes... haha)  Love you to the moon and space!

Love Always,

Sister McMaster