Monday, March 31, 2014

Adventure is out here. Snowdrop.

Well HI!

Remember me?  My life turned upside down this week!  Actually it didn't.   But it was a very interesting one.   No, I am not transfered yet but people keep telling me I will be.. they say "what do you think will happen?" my response is "I don't".   So anyway I'll find out on Thursday.  

So President Weston Called while I was e-mailing last week which ment my stomach exploded with butterflies... you know that sinking feeling?  Like snap... what did I do?  Who died?  Yeah that was the feeling.  But what happened is that we were put into a trio for a emergency transfer kind of deal... So now I have another Companion and another Area... until Friday!  Crazy!  And during all this we had 2 exchanges.. So I felt stressed out of my mind.  That's just how it was.  But guess what happens when you are stressed out of your mind?  Heavenly Father taps you on the shoulder and says "Relax... I prepared you for this"  So I keep that in mind and I am telling you people you must have been praying because It was such an incredible week.  Miracles around every corner and it was warm!  (We exercised on the swing set this morning)

So you'll never believe who my new companion is?  It's Sister Goldsberry!  She was in the MTC with me!  She is the one that broke her foot 5 days in and had to go get it all fixed.  But she's back out and is on fire!  I love her so much and It has been honestly the most fun I've ever had while in a Trio! (not that I've had much experience)    She is in the area just south of Belleview and so we just have two cars and sort of ping pong around.  It's just great!

So again this week I just fell in love with the Book of Mormon.  I can't even believe how much I love it!  I love Nephi and Jacob.. I'm reading about them right now.  They're so incredible.  I love to visualize who they really were and really understand how dedicated they were to the work.   I've also been studying Matthew and it's been fantastic to be reminded of the Savior's teachings.

So to top off an incredibly stressful week yesterday was testimony meeting.  I wanted to bear my testimony but I really wanted to go only if I really felt prompted by the spirit.  So I prayed while I was sitting there and asked Heavenly Father to help me know if it was my turn.  Then probably about 2 min after that prayer, Lily my little friend I told you about a few weeks ago, ran over to me in the middle of the meeting and gave me a hug.. just me.. no one else on the row.  So I took that as my little answer.  I love how simply Heavenly Father answers our prayers.  He knows our hearts and he know how to guide us perfectly.  Heavenly Father is helping me to become the instrument he needs.  It can only happen if you trust him.  That seriously is what I learn every day as a missionary.  If I trust Heavenly Father the miracles are unmistakable. 
I love this gospel so much.  I love our Savior Jesus Christ and am so grateful to come to know him better each day.  I hope you all have an incredible week and that you are able to enjoy conference!  Take good notes and let the spirit direct your thoughts.

Oh one last thing.  The world started turning green!  This is a picture of the first green thing I found here in Nebraska, it was a little snowdrop flower (I think?)  But if any of you are stardust fans you'll enjoy the symbolism of this flower.  It is a protecting flower.  This week I was able to feel joy because I was protected from doubts and fear.  The spirit of God is like a snowdrop.  It protects you from the hardest parts of life.  I hope you all seek the spirit more this week and that you remember how much you are loved by a crazy missionary in Nebraska. 

Love you!

Love always,

Sister McMaster

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