Monday, March 24, 2014

no subject. (Consider the Lilies of the Field)

Hey family.  It's been kind of a no subject kind of week.

haha actually I just am out of cool e-mails.  Just accept the fact that the Broken Middle C put me over the edge. 

Actually it was a really good week!  Sister Youngberg and I saw so many miracles.  This is pretty much normal life for missionaries but really it is incredible to be here and to watch people's lives change.
The Fairview Ward is fantastic.  I spent the whole week here!  It was Sister Youngberg's  turn to be roaming all over the world.  We have progressing investigators! I love it!  They want to get baptized too!  Jason is set for April 12 still and is going strong.  It's so cool!  Angie is progressing to pick a date, and is slow but she knows she is going to get baptized. Her dad received the Melchezidek(can't spell that one ever)  priesthood on Sunday!  He is so cool!  Then he went to the temple and one of the Youth did the baptism and confirmation of His wife!  how cool is that?  He is just beaming and we love teaching them!   I can't even tell you how incredible it is to see a family get closer and closer to being sealed for eternity.  I love this gospel.

This week I had a study session where I realized how true the book of mormon is.  Is that weird that that happens?  You'd think I'd have figured that out by now, but I think that I will always have room to increase my knowledge and understanding.  I have no doubt that the Book of Mormon is the word of God and how remarkable it is that because that is true I don't need to have any doubts!  As simple as that. 

Consider the Lilies of the field, how they grow.   This has been stuck in my head today.  I think that it is my new theme for the week... (maybe that should be my title... seems more inspiring)  But the Lord's plan is perfect.  How do we know that?  Well child, consider the lilies of the field how they grow?  Doesn't he take care of all the earth?  Don't the birds in the sky get fed?  Yes and Yes.  The Lord loves us just as he loves all of his creations.  How cool is that?  We don't need to worry, he will get us through whatever comes our way.  This I know to be absolutely true.  I love the gospel.  I am so excited for the upcoming conference.  Can you believe it's here already?  It blows my mind.  (though my conference ensign is falling apart so it's about time for a new edition!)  We've been encouraged by President Weston to study the words of the Prophet and to truly prepare ourselves for conference by bringing inspired questions.  I would invite you all to do so! :)  Study what president Monson taught.  Why did he focus so much on prayer?  So much on dealing with trials?  Perhaps because he knows perfectly that that's what God wanted us to hear. 
I love you all!  I hope you know you are in my prayers and I know that you've been praying for me, because I have received strength beyond my own.   Keep your faith strong and have a most enjoyable week!

Love you!

Sister McMaster

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