Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Broken Middle C

Hello Family Dear that I Love!

BIRTHDAY PARADE!  Happy Birthday to the lovely Dad, Tan, Nat, Kim,Jordan, Grandma M.... and whoever else in the world that I missed....   I love you all so much!

Okay so I am short on Time today so sorry this will just be a wee little message... nothing vastly exciting. 
Parable of the Broken Middle C:

There once was a piano that was well out of tune, but it did it's best to fulfill it's duties.
Each note had a personality of it's own, each note a bit off, but nothing so horribly miserable as to ruin a song or anything.
Then one day the Middle C gave up. 
Stopped dead in it's tracks.
Left the rest of the notes to try to fill in the gaps. 
The musician looked down frustrated at the little note that didn't realize it's true value.
Especially with a song such as 263 that greatly needs a middle C.
So you ask, why this rather horrid almost poetic verse?  I answer because I have no time to write more...
So in the end it was not as bad as it could have been though the C stubbornly did not choose to play, so what do we learn from the Sad middle C?

I ask you to interpret for me.  Okay sorry I'm losing my mind.  But I was the pianist yesterday and experienced this.  Thought I'd turn it into a spiritual thought.  Don't ever give up.  Ever!  No matter if you're the Middle C or some other note... You are important in the grand scheme of things.  You have worth!  Every day I wake up and thank my heavenly father that I get to serve him yet another day. 

This week was not easy.. or hard really.  But it was a good week!  There were tears and laughter and I learned how much I need my Father in Heaven and My savior Jesus Christ.  I am learning to Trust in Him.  Remember Proverbs 3:5-6? I am realizing how much that means to me.  I am looking back at my life and seeing that he has directed my path. Sometimes we are hard on ourselves and think we haven't done enough, when really we just need to look back, to bow our head and thank our creator that he has been there for us the whole time.  He has continued to play our note, even if we didn't feel like we could make the sound he needed.  He will always play our note.

I love you all! Have a blessed week!

Sister McMaster

we found green tights... coolest missionaries ever :)
cupcakes we made!
my favorite people :)

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