Monday, April 7, 2014

No More Tights!

Happy Monday Morning! I hope you are all smiling and loving life!  Life flipped upside down again, but what else is new?   Transfers are such a pain! But really their an incredible opportunity for miracles.  So crazy news!  I am staying is Fairview, I was expecting to be booted off the island, but nope they booted Sister Youngberg instead.  You'll never believe it though, She's serving in Pioneer now!  Weird right??  All the people I love serve there so it's okay :)   

Parting picture with our dear trio.  I love these Sisters :*)

Birthday party with the Browns and Hartigans (some of my favorite people ever!)

We celebrated Sister Youngberg's birthday the day we found out she was leaving (not going to lie kind of a rough emotionally draining day...)  It was amazing.  The Fairview ward is so wonderful.  I've never crammed so much cake into myself like ever... I am going to miss Sister Y a lot because she is probably the best missionary in the world, she taught me so much and I will always be so grateful to have been her companion.  But I'm excited for the future.  It was time for change, and even though change is hard it helps us grow! :)

So I have a new companion, her Name is Sister Stiles! (Apparently I don't have enough style... ha ha)  She's fantastic! She was serving in KANSAS!  I'm mildly jealous but I'll probably get to serve there eventually.  Anyway, she is from Gettysburg, PA and is the oldest of 9!  So she's basically a rock star and I'm really excited to work with her. 

SISTER STILES!   (blue eyed companion #2)

(Yes it is now warm enough to wear no tights... that was reason for celebration!)

We have a baptism this week!!! Jason was interviewed yesterday and he is ready to be baptized on Saturday!  We are so excited!  We've been going crazy trying to make invitations (since it couldn't be announced in church because we were all at conference) I can't even explain how amazing it is to see someone so excited and prepared to be baptized.  We had a super awkward lesson that perhaps I can someday express to you... (i'm turning red thinking about it)  I wish sister Y could give you the low down... basically the Law of Chastity was a hoot.  Yup.  that's it. 

So conference!  Raise your hand if you feel spiritually fed!  (I'm raising my hand...)   I loved all of the talks.  They were so fantastic and seriously answered all of the questions that have been on my mind lately.  It blows my mind how inspired their messages are.   I loved Elder Hollands talk!  It is something I had been studying lately so It was awesome.  How are you being a defender of the Faith?  As a missionary we defend the faith the best we know how every day.  It's hard sometimes but every time you call upon the powers of heaven for strength to testify your testimony grows.  I have seen that happen so many times I can't deny how true this gospel is.   Another favorite was Elder Scott, he so simply taught how to love those we serve.  That is basically one of the single most important things I have learned as a missionary, to pray for the Charity and Love to serve those that Heavenly Father places in our paths.  I loved his council, and I know I'll be studying that one a lot! 

  Did you all study Preach my Gospel?  I hope so.  I love it.  Study if forever and let me know your insights for how you are able to personally apply it.  Deal?  ;) 
So miracles are happening here in Nebraska and I know their happening all around each of you!  I'm excited to hear that everyone is doing well!  Keep pressing forward.  It's so amazing how the Lord uses us as his instruments in everyday life.  Don't underestimate your influence.  I love you all so much and am always so grateful for you love and support.  Remember who you are!
I love you all and I love this gospel.  Choose the Right!  Agency is your ability to become, let the decisions you make this week help you become the person our Heavenly Father hopes you will become.  Love you forever!


Sister McMaster

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