Monday, January 27, 2014


How are you doing family?  Sounds like changes are happening all over the charts! I hope you are all finding strength in the gospel, I know when we keep it as our rock we will not fall.  (Helaman 5:12)
So life is happening here as well, not too many changes though for the time being.  Being a missionary definately roller coasters through changes, some times your whole world is upside down, sometimes you just coast through, but in the end the ride is worth it!
So this week after I got back from Glenwood I went to Red Oak!  An even smaller town in nowhere Iowa (that's what Sister Zachary calls it :))  It is a really beautiful area that covers a whole buch of tiny towns.  It was quite an adventurous day:  We started off trying to find a family that the sisters had never met, we met a very sweet (and possibly somewhat crazy) woman who had a crazy dog.  She yelled to her husband "honey, want to start going to church again?  We are Mormon" we then proceded to get her a book of Mormon so she can start reading again.  She was grateful, but on the way out her dog bit me!  I was some what shocked and responded by kicking myself (smart right?). But don't worry it wasn't a bad bite, I was wearing like super heavy fleace tights and leg warmers so it couldn't even dream of getting to my skin the crazy dog.  And in the end I have more of a wound from where I kicked myself so that's just great! 
So then we had a cool experience with the granddaughter of the woman we had dinner with.  While we were planning we felt like we should teach her a YW song, (she's not a member) So the whole day Sister Harris and I were practicing singing "Walk Tall"  from girls camp.  It was kind of random.  But we went to her house and the little girl was just having a rough day.  We sang with her and taught her the words and I know that she was able to feel the spirit heal her a little bit.  I love the words to that song, maybe I can share with you my favorite part
     Long before the time you can remember
     Our Father held you in his arms, so tender,
     Those Loving arms released you as he sent you down to earth,
    He said "My Child I love you, Don't forget your great worth"
I love that.  It is always such a driving force to know that I am a daughter of God.  I hope you each remember this week how important you are to our Heavenly Father.  He is so aware of our every need. Never forget that.
One more cool thing that I discovered!  The credit for this will have to go to Grandpa Jensen for sending me very prepared with my not 4 but 8 generation family tree.  Sister Zachary is our eigth cousin!  Cool right?  Her Maiden name is Curtis and she is related to us through Julia Curtis.  Her some odd great grandpa is Julia's youngest brother.  So what are the  odds that I would live with a distant relative in Belleview Nebraska?  Coincidence?  I think not.  The Lord is so good to his children.  I"m so grateful for all of you and your constant support and love.
Have a tremendous week!  I love you all!

Sister McMaster

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