Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Greetings From Glenwood!

So I'll have to be brief this week.  Thanks go Good Ol' Martin Luther King Jr, I'm e-mailing you on a Tuesday.  And not just any Tuesday but the Tuesday that I am on an exchange in Glenwood Iowa.  Craziest place ever! I'm with Sister Stutler today.  She's a very sweet sister.  We have a lot of work to do today so we will be quite busy.  I left Sister Youngberg in Fairview for the day so I hope she stays a float!  I miss her.  It's funny being on exchanges you learn how much you love your companion.  

One mild complaint, the internet in Glenwood doesn't like me so it has shut down on me like eight million times today, so I'm learning patience. :) 

Hmm... I had a good story but it seems to have left my brain.....Oh!  We went to the Temple last week and it was amazing.  It was sister Youngberg's first time on her mission (maybe I mentioned that last time?)  But It was so good to sit in the celestial room filled with missionaries.  What a cool experience, one of those memories you can always cherish.  Dad  you sent me a talk by Elder Holland a few months ago about not living in the past.  Sister Youngberg and I have been studying it lately (so thanks for sending it)  It is cool to realized how important it is to build memories and to learn and grow from them, but to let go as well and recognized that what lies ahead is what is most important. 

So being a missionary is crazy sometimes.  Sometimes you have really hard days and you feel down and lonely... then you remember that there are so many incredible supporters all over the world!  So what I mean to say is that sometimes when I am feeling down, it is nearly impossible to stay that way.  It's like wearing a life jacket,  you simply can't get your head under the water because you are so well protected.  That's kind of the life of a missionary, kinda the life of us all. We each have a Savior to be our Life jacket.  Don't ever forget that.  He won't ever let us down.  It is impossible to fall when you are on the Lord's side.  

I'm so grateful to each one of you.  I feel so blessed, more then I can write in words.  I hope you can feel the love I wish I could send in this pathetic e-mail.  You are the reason that I can keep going. You are the reason I have learned to Love my Savior.  You are the reason I have a burning desire to stay afloat and do my very best every day.  It is because of you that I am here!  You mean everything to me.  Have a lovely week and know that I pray for you too, and I know Heavenly Father will keep us all afloat. 

Take care of yourselves and have a happy January week.  Hope you're staying warm!

Love forever and always,

Sister McMaster

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