Monday, August 12, 2013

Organ Miracles...

Hello dearest Family!

How are all of you doing!?  I have had a fantastic week here in Lincoln!  I love being a missionary, it is starting to be more normal and I really am enjoying the work we are doing here!  So I have just a few stories I wanted to share, I hope all of you are continuing to be missionaries where ever you are! 

So Yesterday in church  the organist didn't show up, so  I decided to be brave and ask if they wanted me to play since I have played the organ before (sorry world I realize that this story may only mean much to the organ lovers of the world... namely Jessica Page and Grandma McMaster...) They were excited to let me play... and then I remembered that the organ is hard!  Next problem, there was no bass Coupler... meaning I had to play the pedals... or else it would have been bad....   So I muddled through the 1st three hymns with only a few minor train wrecks then I sat on the stand waiting to play the closing hymn.  It was him 111 which I am very unfamiliar with... basically I'd never really heard it and had no idea how I was going to sight read it with the pedals... so what did I do?  I prayed... I prayed that I wouldn't destroy the spirit of Sacrament meeting, I prayed that I wouldn't be afraid to play.... And guess what? When you trust in the lord with all your heart and lean not to your own understanding, well the lord directs your path, or in this case my feet.  Of all the songs the closing hymn went the best, I played the pedals and everything!  You might not think this is that cool but it definitely felt like a miracle to me and a testament that this is the lord's work and I need to work so hard on putting all of my trust in him.   So remember to set aside that thought that you can do it with your own strength, because when we rely on the lord everything goes so much better!  

We are slowly getting the ball rolling here in Lincoln, we are getting to know all of the members and are working on gaining their trust.  The lord has blessed Sister Call and I with the ability to navigate this city, which is also nothing less than a miracle.  We are working with some really cool ladies that have husbands that aren't members.  We pray that as we help their testimonies of Jesus Christ grow stronger we might be able to work with their husbands.  People are such complicated beings.  Heavenly father has such a difficult task.  We are so fortunate we have such a loving Father in Heaven that truly does know each of us individually and knows how to guide us back to path of happiness.   He is patient with all of his children, some of these people have been taught by missionaries several times but keep falling back into old habits.  I know that Heavenly father will continue to give his children opportunities to come back into the fold and I pray that some of these people will have that desire and will see the happiness that the gospel brings.   I am learning to listen to the spirit, it's not easy to do because I forget a lot to be listening.  As soon as I remind myself and start listening the lessons always go so much better and the people we are teaching come closer to progressing.  I pray that I can get better at this. 

So lots happened this week, we had Zone Training so we didn't have to drive to Columbus which was a blessing! We really need to conserve our miles... it's crazy!   (did I tell you that Elder Layton from our stake is my Zone Leader?  Small world!) The training was so good!  Sister Call and I got to teach in a role play and it was probably the first time we were able to teach with unity and the spirit.  I think that has been a turning point for our companionship.  We are trusting each other better and I know that the work will only start moving more as we prepare ourselves to be the best teachers for the people the lord has prepared.  

The Ward here is super young, so it has been interesting to teach families because they have lots of tiny kids that we have to entertain.  I'm trying to translate teaching ballet into teaching the gospel, and it is harder than I thought it would be.  It is a fun challenge though to come up with ways to help these families become more united.  Our current lesson that we share a lot is the Title of Liberty, we have the family make goals and write them on their own title of liberty! Kinda cool right?  If you have any other brilliant ideas you should let me know :)  But Yesterday as I was studying it really hit me how powerful the book of Mormon is... I was studying Alma 58 because I was learning about Hope.  Hope is an amazing thing, and something that we can have as we increase our faith and come to better understand the gospel.  We have to remember that the atonement is real, that Jesus Christ loves us so dearly and truly did suffer for each of us so we could live eternally with our families!  Because we know this, and have faith in this we can have a Perfect hope that the lord will help us each day, because he will!  Have Hope family!  Keep being the amazing people I know you are!

I hear Elder McMaster gets home this week!  Weird!  Please give him lots of hugs for me!! 

Good luck with your last weeks of Summer! 

Share your testimony with someone this week!

Love you so so much!

Sister McMaster

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