Monday, August 26, 2013

Come, Come ye saints...

Hello Family! 
I am so happy to hear from all of you today, it is amazing to hear you share the way the lord is blessing your lives.  I know he is with each of us and I feel so at home keeping him in my heart.  I feel like I don't miss being with you ( of course I do but hear me out)  but rather I am thrilled at what is happening in life back home.  Life here is really fantastic.  It is amazing to be doing the work of the lord.  I am so grateful that I get to be here and serve in the ward that I am in.
So this week was a week of miracles.  Every week is really but when you recognized them and give prayers of gratitude heavenly father blesses you with more!  So always look for miracles and then thank Heavenly Father for them.    It was a really busy week, we had a Trainer/trainee meeting in Grand Island!  So we had to road trip out there in the transfer van which was fun because the Assistants drove us and they are fantastic. (and because they were driving sister call and I had a whole row to ourselves to enjoy the roadtrip)  The training was amazing!  President Weston has so much love for us and he teaches so powerfully!  We talked a lot about how we are doing with our trainers and such.  I am so grateful for Sister Call!  She is so awesome and is teaching me so much.  We are both growing to be better missionaries.  President challenged us to make our companions the best missionaries in the whole mission.  So here goes, Look out folks  Sister Call is on her way to becoming the best missionary in the mission because I won't let her be anything less! 
We also had District training this week in Seward ( Nebraska is just a peachy state)  It was scary though because they asked me to do a training! But just like I've been learning you have to trust the spirit!  He knows what the people need to hear so have no fear and share the words of your heart.    So after two days of training we had one normal day and we completely overbooked ourselves!  It was crazy we were driving back and forth in Lincoln wasting all of our precious miles... ick... but we had an awesome lesson with Gum!  Have I told you about him?  He is from Sudan, (you pronounce his name gooom)  He is awesome.  He told us that he read the book of Mormon and felt really good about it.  We will be teaching him again this week.  He keeps saying that he thinks this is his time to figure out what he needs to do in his life.  (his mom is a less active member)  We are praying for him!  
So after a crazy but exciting Thursday we got to Friday and we got to go to the temple!  Man I love the temple.  Don't ever take it for granted because it is such an amazing building.  It is Heavenly Father's house and his spirit is so strong there.  It is where we can receive personal revelation, but we must be patient with ourselves as we learn to listen to the spirit. (That's how I feel anyway)  I'm so grateful that heavenly father provides us a place to go where we can have such a huge concentration of the spirit.  Take any opportunity you can to go to feel of that perfect joy and peace that he wants us all to feel. 

So the miracle I saw this week was just a little one, and may seem more like a tender mercy, but it was a miracle.  We had a dinner with some really sweet members yesterday.  They are really awesome, they have strong testimonies and are really doing their best to keep the commandments.    But something Sister Call and I have been praying about is how we can excite members about missionary work.  Because we really cannot do this by ourselves, I think I talked about that last time.   So after dinner we walked over to one of Sister Brown's visiting teachers that we have been trying to find for days and she was home! So that was the first miracle, we talked with her and she was really sweet.  But the miracle happened on the way home.  We saw a really sweet couple sitting outside and Sister Call and I started being bold and street contacting with a member present... (we don't usually do that... who knows why not because it's brilliant)  Heavenly Father knew Sister Brown needed a good missionary experience and bam..  this sweet couple was very receptive and kind.  They may not be golden but they definitely make a solid potential investigator.   The miracle of the whole thing was really that sister brown lit up.  She was so excited about missionary work!  So that was an answer to our prayers.  (sorry I probably made that confusing but you get the point right?)
Okay so Last thing!  The Title of today is Come, Come ye saints.... Because I realized that it is a hymn that relates entirely to missionary work (it seems like everything does these days)  but read it for yourself, We need to come together and build up the kingdom of the lord.  Tis better far for us to strive, our useless cares for us to drive.  Don't get to distracted by the things of the world, they are really useless cares.  We need to always remember to focus on what is most important which is learning to rely on the Lord, and learning that he has a purpose for us here on the earth.  Do whatever you can to fulfill your purposes.  I know that he knows each of us and I know that he wants us to be happy.  Keep working hard family.  I love you all with all of my heart and am so excited to hear all the awesome things you are doing.     When you do all of these things, your hearts will swell with joy!   And you will be able to declare the tale "ALL IS WELL!"   
Love you Love you love you!
Sister McMaster

P.S.  Next week is labor day and the library will be closed.. so I may not be able to e-mail you all... but do not despair... because I love you :)

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