Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Joy in the journey!

Heya folks!
So we had Zone Conference this last week.  Wow. It was incredible!  Such a fantastic opportunity to listen to a General Authority bear his testimony of our Savior.  It was Lynn G. Robbins and he taught us the importance of becoming, not just doing but actually becoming what God wants us to become.  He taught us that we need to have a vision of what we can become, so we can have a "why" in the work.  We need to have a reason to be doing what we do.  Once we understand that our heart is in the work, then we will be setting achievable goals and we will begin to make a difference.  That sparked something in my brain, the spirit knew I needed to learn this.  I could easily plow through my mission, doing what I am asked until the end, I could plow through life that way, but if I stop and think about why I am doing any of this and focus on that, then you can have joy in the journey.  That was something I have pondered lately, how do you have joy in every step of the journey?   The answer is to know why you are on the journey.  Then you don't have to think about it, you just will have joy because you know why you're journeying.   Does that make sense??    I hope so.. It makes sense in my brain.  Ponder it yourselves and let me know if you can word it better :S 
So I had my first exchange this week!  That was weird... Sister Call was just not around... I didn't really know what to think!  haha  I was with my Sister Trainer Leader Sister Vance  and she's really awesome.  Such a powerful missionary.  Miracles happen when you are on exchanges!  I got to teach a lesson in sign language... which was a miracle in itself.  The spirit speaks in whatever language when you bear testimony.  Some day I'll share my testimony with all of you in ASL... it's a cool thing to do.    Then we called this lady Rhonda who has had serious health problems lately and hasn't been able to get to church because of them and her husband isn't a member and there are lots of issues, but I called her and told her we wanted to come over to help her make dinner (we'd tried to serve her previously during the week but she kept saying "oh I'll call you back...." ) so finally I decided to be bold and guess what it worked!  So unfortunately I had to go to a different area during that dinner because of the exchange, but Rhonda had a miracle.  She learned from that dinner lesson about faith and the priesthood.   And on Sunday she had the Faith to ask for a Priesthood blessing.  She has dramatically changed since that blessing, she called us begging us to come over and talk about the book of Mormon with her and her husband, she says they've both been studying and have so many questions..  We went and saw them today and we had such a cool lesson.  They have such great potential.  I love seeing the way their lives have been filled with light because of their faith.  Wow such a jumbled story, but I am seeing miracles here in Lincoln and I love these people so much!  I can't even believe how much love you can feel for basically complete strangers.  I'm realizing that being children of god there is no such thing as complete strangers, we are all just a big family.  I love this big family.  It's comforting that where ever you are there is family that you can love, and they will love you.  We are never alone, that is such a powerful feeling.
But what I learned from the exchange was never be afraid to be bold!  You don't know your own strength.  I know each one of you is incredible and I love hearing about the fun things you are participating in.   I learned that I need to be myself, and not be afraid of who that is.  Do you ever feel like you are afraid to be you?  I have realized more this week the power of being the best me.  I've seen the way other sisters are and I realize that I cannot copy their strengths because I'm not them, so ask yourself, are you being the best you you can be?  I hope you are because I know each one of you is amazing and has so much to offer to this world. 
So so much is changing at home!  Do you all just love change??  It's scary right?  That's how I've been feeling.  This week is transfers which is crazy because how did time fly so fast??  I think Sister Call and I will stay here, but I'm not sure I know heavenly father has something in store for the two of us, but it may not be together here in Lincoln.  We just have to trust that he knows where we need to be. 
Well I am running out of time, but I just want you all to know that I know that the gospel of Jesus Christ is real, that it brings me so much hope and strength.  I know that we are on this earth for a reason, I know we all have a purpose and I know that as we come closer to Christ he will help us see our purpose.  He will help us become, but most importantly he will make us our best selves.    Have a good week family!  I love you all so very much.  Keep choosing the right :)
Sister McMaster

Icecream with lovely sisters!

we went to the capital and took lots of pictures! haha lovely!

The Katz who had their 40th anniversary! Cute!

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