Monday, September 23, 2013

Do Your Ears Hang Low?

Hello family! 
haha.  That song is stuck in my  head this morning as I stare at the keyboard thinking of some inspiring thing to write... Hahaha Natalie keeps telling me I'm changing peoples lives or something via a blog that I have never seen.. so now I am getting like stage fright... ... Do you tie 'em in a knot? do you tie 'em in a bow?  What does that song even mean. Does anyone even know?? 
So anyway.  I have had quite a week.  I love being a missionary.  I am catching the vision of what it means to put your whole heart into the work and I am loving it.   Sister Schrader and I have a different relationship than Sister Call and I had, but who ever said different was a bad thing?   I love that God knows each of his children and he knows exactly what they need at exactly the right moments in their lives. 

I love Sister Schrader!


Doing our nails with awesome members in Pioneer ward! (my companion is obsessed with mustaches..)

I was thinking last night about how I have been prepared to be a missionary.  I remembered a moment way back years ago when I was a wee 15 year old going to an apartment complex with my lovely friend Claiborne (who should write me a letter about her child that she now has even though she's busy...)  and going to the members that lived there and asking them to help  with the YW fundraiser.  I remember feeling scared out of my mind to knock on people's doors, yet we did it because we were asked to.  And people ended up being reasonably nice and what not, actually I maybe don't even remember how they reacted.   But then again years later I got to go on visits to people in the ward with the Relief Society president and how that wasn't as scary, but it was a growing experience.  I remember being with the lovely Jessica Page, to one of the first doors we went to after having prayed, and no one answered.  Yet standing their on the porch I felt so powerfully that Heavenly Father was grateful for my efforts.  He knew that I was doing my best to do his work and he was grateful for my efforts.  Now as a missionary I am doing the same thing that I did when I was 15, yet now I have learned to rely on the lord.  I have learned that when you have faith that a door will open, it often times does.  Haha reminds me of when we say family prayer and I always think really hard(exercising my faith) that Dad will call on Sarah... and he does.  haha Sorry Soap.   
So sorry for that random tangent.  Basically It is amazing to me how divinely laid out the plan of our father in heaven is.  I was reading in 1 Nephi 14 this morning and it prophecies about the world and how it is being constantly prepared for the coming of the lord.  In the same way the lord is constantly preparing us.  We are being prepared for something beyond what we can imagine.  As I realize that little moments in my life were preparing me for a mission I can only imagine what things in life a mission is preparing me for in the future. 
So just as heavenly father has prepared me to be here, he has also prepared people here to meet me, or any missionary really.  Yesterday we met a woman who is on the rolls but no one seems to know anything about her.  We found her humble home using sister Schrader's GPS (she has one!?!)  I was so tired and didn't want to think so we GPSed it.   But we met her and she looked so sad and lonely.  She needs to be reminded of the happiness she once had in life.  She is a lost sheep. We shared some scriptures with her and prayed with her (It is amazing how the spirit guides your words when you pray for people, so powerful)   I know that we didn't necessarily change her life yesterday, but I know heavenly father wanted us to find her.  He wanted her to know that she was remembered.  I pray that we will be able to work with her (Susan)  and help her come back to the fold. 
Missionary work is the best.  Keep being examples and loving those around you.  I love you family, I love all that you each have taught me just from being you.   I know you have each influenced me and helped me to be prepared to be where I am today.  I hope that as you go about your days that you walk with faith!  Don't let you ears hang low, walk tall and be believing.  (we could probably count that as today's miracle that I found some way to tie that into the gospel)    Love you all so much! Keep sending letters because I love getting them! Be patient with me though I hope to write back to all of you and it could take time because I seem to be long winded when I write... Sorry bout that!
Oh request!  Sister Schrader's birthday is on October 3, so really soon!  It would be really cool if you wanted to send her things like Balloons... or CD's... I have all those awesome CD's from Nat and Tan and would love to give some to her.  Or if you want to send random things like a Boa... actually I don't know you don't have to I will probably just make her a card... I've always been kind of a freak about birthdays.  Haha The Katz want to take her to a crazy Sushi restaurant so hopefully we don't die from eating sushi.   Are you all going to St. George for conference? I was remembering that that's what we do... haha I am so beyond excited for Conference and for  the RS Broadcast.  I hope you all take advantage of hearing that! 
Well again I love you all dearly!  Be safe and keep choosing the right! 
Love always,
Sister McMaster


I learned how to do the magic trick "cups and balls" thanks to Brother Katz.... Some day I will wow all of you with my talent... haha

Me and sister Katz

The crazy Lion cat we saw during an appointment... I was like dying not to laugh... haha who tortures their animals like this!??

 I love my companion:)

   Sometimes we are crazy! Yay!

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