Monday, September 30, 2013

Fall in Lincoln!

Good Morning Sweet Family!

How are you all doing this fine day??  Are you loving the sunshine as much as I am??  I hope so!  Fall in Nebraska is incredible, the corn is all yellow now and being harvested, the days are fantastically cool and sunshiney and it is amazing.  I am falling in love with this place, someday you all need to come here because It is awesome! 

So this week was a good one, and then we had the Relief Society broadcast and it was like a cherry on top!   Sister Schrader and I are working with so many Less Actives, that is our goal to find all of these lost sheep.  We see miracles happen as people's lives begin to change!  Have I told you about the sweet lady we're working with named Deanna?  She has made so much progress in coming back to church!  She is the best, she has a huge dog named Tonka.  I met her when I was Sister Call, so it's been a few months of seeing her each week, but  I know she is making more efforts to read the Book of Mormon, and she has been coming to church again and it is like the change of the seasons, she is changing colors like the leaves on the trees, she is becoming warm and sunshiney.  I love her so much.  I love all the people here actually.  It was cool to be at the Broadcast on Saturday night and to feel so much love for the people of this ward.  I didn't know that you could love people so much!  Only a few months ago they were like complete strangers and here I am loving them so much and praying for them and hoping that they will  continue to seek happiness. 

This morning in my studying I read a talk by President Monson about having Joy in the Journey.  It was so inspiring. I think that is why I'm so happy right now!  I was reminded of something I learned in the MTC, that you have to have favorite things to remind you to be grateful everyday!   Did I ever tell you I have a favorite light switch?  At the Katz house there is a switch at the top of the stars that has a painted cat thing... I'll send a picture... haha And it is my favorite light switch.  Every time I see it I am reminded to be grateful for such a wonderful home to live in with sweet members that take such good care of me.  Brother Katz bought a keyboard from good will a few weeks ago because he knows how much I love the piano, it was the sweetest thing ever.   He is so sweet to us.  And Sister Katz has been coming with us to find people!  It's been awesome, she speaks Spanish so she helps us when we run into people that don't speak English. (did I tell you I tried to speak Spanish to someone? haha I told them who I was in Spanish (I forgot to say "Saint" so I was just a missionary from the church of Jesus Christ of Later Day...)  Then I tried to tell her about the book of Mormon... wow I know zero Spanish...  I tried to say well here take this book... and then I realized it was in English anyway so it was not even of any value to her... yup it was a complete fail.   Sister Schrader and I like died of laughter after that... haha the lord recognizes our efforts I hope no matter how pathetic they may be :))

I wish I had more time to write but it runs out fast here at the Lincoln library (I got a new library card today! yay)  But remember to have joy in the journey.  Remember that everyday is a good day if you let it be, remember that everyday is a gift, it is an opportunity to smile and share your happiness with the world.  I hope you know family that I am savoring my time as a missionary, so savor your time doing whatever you are doing.  Don't ever endure life... we must enjoy it :)  ENJOY TO THE END!   

I love you all so very much!  Keep Choosing the right!!

Love Always,

Sister McMaster

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