Tuesday, October 8, 2013

General Conference!

Good Morning Family!
How are you all doing??  Did you love conference!  Mom sent me some pictures and it looks like the St. George Marathon tradition is holding strong!  Good to hear you made it to the finish again dad!  Congratulations! How many times is that now?? Maybe we should make a family goal of all running it some day.  That'd be awesome right?? (Tanner don't you shake your head... you know you'd love it :))  Cool stuff!  Isn't conference just the best?  It went by way too fast... I was just soaking it up like a sponge.  All of the talks were very powerful didn't you think?    You should tell me which ones were your favorites!   I don't know how to pick favorites but I especially loved President Monson's talk from Sunday Morning.  He's so awesome.  I loved the story that he told about the man that knew he needed Tommy Monson to help him and he knew that he would know exactly what he needed.  I couldn't help but think about our Tommy McMaster... I hope you're being in tune with the spirit always Thomas!  But it was really just what I needed to hear about being patient and enduring to the end.   I loved the poem and I wish I could quote it perfectly but this is what I wrote in my notes "Good timber does not grow with ease, the more the storm the more the strength"   We can have eternal peace but we must be patient, we must recognize that not matter where we are in the storm we can turn to our savior.  I'm so grateful for that!
The work here in Pioneer is interesting!  We are praying to find more prepared people.  A lot of the people we are teaching are not having a lot of progress but we keep praying for them and hoping that they will feel how important the Gospel of Jesus Christ really is.  It is such an important thing to come closer to Christ.  I pray all of you recognize the importance in each of your lives.   Ha ha wow family just had a miracle happen while sitting at the computer... remember how one second ago I was talking about how I need to be patient to find prepared people?  Don't even worry about it a lady  just walked up to us and told us she wants us to come to her house and talk with her and her boyfriend.  To make it more exciting she is deaf so we were communicating entirely in sign language.  Why didn't I ever take ASL?  Ah well it was a sweet experience and the prepared people come to us when we are prepared.  We are getting a lot better at signing but we have a long way to go!   Yay I'm so bubbly now, she understood what I was talking about!  So Pray for Marie, the women I met 5 seconds ago, maybe we will see miracles happen with her! 

I love this gospel so much.  I am so excited to see more miracles happen this week!  We will be teaching Gum this week, he is so funny he tells us that the gospel is too good to be true... but we will help him see that it isn't too good to be true... it just is true!  We are transitioning him over to the University elders so he can go to the single's ward.  It's kind of sad, but we have to do what's best for each investigator.   The Pioneer Elders are like on fire.. they had a baptism on Saturday and they have one next week too!  Funny how the people we share an area with are just raking in prepared people.  We're praying that we can have similar success as we continue to be prayerful and faithful and obedient.   I love being a missionary.  I love being in Nebraska, and I love all of you!  Sorry this e-mail is short ish but that lesson with the lady in sign language just took up some time.  Tender Mercies of our heavenly father are so beautiful.   Stay strong!  Choose the Right and study conference!  I expect lots of messages about your favorites :)
Love you Lots!
Love Always,
Sister McMaster

NBD fam... I still do ballet when I can :)

new gloves from Mom! yay!

Celebrating Sister Schrader's birthday with the Katz, such a good day!!

Mustaches and Tractors= best birthday celebrations ever! :)

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