Monday, October 28, 2013

Leaves are Falling All Around

Hello Hello!
How's it going family!?   I loved the pictures of everyone's halloween costumes!  Such fantastic creativity!  I've very impressed, this year for Halloween I'm going to be a sister missionary.... lame right?  Actually Sister Call and I had pioneer costumes at our ward trunk or treat, so we were little pioneer children missionaries.   Be jealous, it was a good costume.  
how sister missionaries carve pumpkins :)

So this area is quite interesting, different than my last, but I like it!  Already we've seen a whole bunch of miracles!  It started off a little rough however with an evil cold that tried to get me, not to worry I'm fighting it off.. 
We have a new investigator!  And she's amazing!  Her name is Brooke and she is very sweet and very excited about learning the gospel.  We had a powerful lesson with her and her best friend that's in the ward, it was so cool to see how much she trusts her friend.  That's how missionary needs to be, we need to share it with our friends.  It was so awesome she texted us after our lesson and told us about how she was starting to read to book of mormon.   I just love her.    So that's exciting.   
My favorite miracle moment of the week however was just classic:  We were walking to our car after an appointment (our ride abandoned us kinda so we had like a long way to walk to our car)  And a man was sitting outside fixing the breaks on his car, he actually is a member of the ward but he hasn't been to church in a while.  Anyway we started talking to him and inviting him the trunk or treat and he just said he had a lot he needed to do, like rake the leaves and stuff.  And we nearly died because we have wanted so badly to rake someone's leaves!  (Well I really wanted to... haha)   And he was like sure, go for it!   I'm not kidding you there was like leaves 3 or 4 inches deep on his lawn, so we made like the biggest pile ever.  Then it got exciting because the neighborhood children wanted to come jump in our leaves with us, haha so we of course invited them to join and we met all kinds of people just because we wanted to jump in the leaves.   So moral of the miracle, don't underestimate the little things in life, stop to rake someone's leaves, or whatever it is you might not normally do.  Just stop and meet someone!  That's what being a missionary is, loving the people that are around you.  And when you do this heavenly father blesses you with what ever simple pleasures you need.  He is so good to his children. 


I'm grateful to be a missionary in Bellvue at this time!  heavenly father puts us in places for a reason, we are all called to be on this earth right now in this day and age, so ask youself, are you fulfilling your purpose on the earth? Do you know why you're here?  Do you remember how much heavenly father trusted you when he sent you to this earth?  Do you remember who you are!?  That's something I'm learning and I'd encourage you all to ask yourself that and see if you feel how empowering it is to know without a doubt who you are.  I know that I love you all very much and am so grateful for you!  You are amazing.   I'm so gratful that I was blessed to come into this world with such cool people.   Have an amazing week okay??
To answer some of your questions:  Dad I haven't gotten your letter if you sent it to Lincoln I  don't know how long it will be before it gets forwarded to where I am now because they have to send it to the mission home and then to Bellvue... complicated I know.... Thanks for writing me though!  I appreciate letters and I'm doing my best to reply... I'm sending out postcards today... maybe hoping I get around to it :)
Thomas:  I love you so much... your letters are winning the award for coolest letters so far...  you're right loving you to the moon and space makes absolutely no sense.  Sometimes my brain doesn't work.  Oh and my car accident was super pathetic, didn't I tell you that?   the only damage was that the other car's license plate was like indented into the bumper of our car... cool right! 
So family I love you from this earth to the moon and across the galaxy to pluto the subplanet whatever, and back! 
Love always,
Sister McMaster

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