Monday, November 4, 2013

Afternoon from Bellevue!

Hello Family of Mine!

So it was a really fantastic week, full of miracles as the best of weeks are.  I love the people here, I was worried I wouldn't love them but I really do.  They are fantastic and very sweet. Just this afternoon we got to help a lady can apples!  It was a lot of fun making applesauce and such, that's why I'm e-mailing so late, because she really needed some hands, so we volunteered :)   
So Sister Call and I had to give a training this week, yikes! It was awful actually, let's be real I won't lie to you and say it was amazing because well it wasn't! haha.   I didn't realize how big zone conference was!  then when we were in the gym with 60 other missionaries and President Weston was turning the time over to sister call and I, I was like.... YIKeS!    Unfortunately it was after lunch and all the missionaries were sleepy and tired and me jumping up and down trying to excite them only makes me look awkward but it was okay.  Sister Call doesn't think we'll ever be asked to train again which I am okay with! :)
We also had a surprise temple trip this week which was fabulous.  I love going to the temple, such a blessing to have temples so close to home.  We are so blessed.  I know that it was a tender mercy that we got to go to the temple.  It is so cool to be reminded of our important purpose on this earth to return to live with our father in heaven.  That was something I needed to be reminded of.  It has been interesting having stewardship over sisters and trying to help them, and going on exchanges with them.  I really love it.  Heavenly father loves to remind me to stop thinking about myself and serve someone else.  That's a lesson I am sure I will continue to learn throughout life.  
So we have an investigator named Lynn, she's fantastic.  We took her to the trail center this week which is always a very powerful experience.  She is a funny lady though, she likes to ask all kinds of questions about everything.  It has really helped me realize the value of the Book of Mormon.  It is evidence that all of these things are true.  When you know that it is the word of God then you don't have to question everything else.  Everything just falls into place.  I am so grateful that the Book of Mormon is something our family has always read and valued.  I love remembering reading it when we were little at the breakfast table.  I remember being so tempted to simply read the cereal box in front of me and tune out dad reading, but things stood out to me then.  I remember him saying "give ear..." and thinking that was funny.... you know little things like that.  But really never underestimate the power of opening the Book of Mormon.  It invites the spirit like nothing else.  Whatever challenges you might have remember that the Book of Mormon will be the best peace you can ever ask for. 
I am so grateful for you family!  I can't even tell you how much I love you but you are all so fantastic!  Are you thinking of things you are grateful for?  I hope so I love that November is a month to remember what we're grateful for.  What blessings are you seeing in life each day??  Tell me about your miracles!  Mine are getting boring I fear... I'll work on sprucing up these e-mails sorry to bore you.
Love you All!  Keep choosing the right!
Love Always,
Sister McMaster 

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