Monday, November 18, 2013

Long time no talk!

Has it been forever?  Yup it sure feels like it!  Man have the past two weeks been crazy!   Ever heard of exchanges?  They make you crazy!  Actually they're just a little bit spiritually exhausting.  So last monday the libraries were closed then tuesday we had an exchange so we couldn't use computers then, then on wednesday we had a Zone Training that lasted forever... and then we had a million appointments thursday then another exchange Friday... and bam it was mondayagain... So here I am!  
So time is mega short today because all of you wrote me novels that I loved :)  I really love all of you so much and I really appreciate all the lovely messages you send me and I wish I had more time to individually respond to each of you.  Alas you all will just need to be satisfied with this one boring e-mail.
So Thanksgiving coming up makes everyone happier, Mom you are so right, I love that the spirit of Gratitude really touches peoples hearts no matter what faith they might be. 
I just want to share one quick experience from this week: We went up to Red Oak, Iowa for a day  and it was crazy!  It was literally like hick town hillbilly land.... Haha  I was with Sister Checketts for a day which was fun because we were in the same MTC district, so we're like family!  We went with a member to a little baby sized town (probably like organic lime sized but less cute then the gummie bear Nat and Tan have)  called Hamburg..... said like Ham-Burg... not said with any fancy german accent or anything... but they literally have nothing there... one gas station... not even any hamburgers!  But we were hunting down a member that Sister Checketts had never met and we went to the first address and the man was angry and told us she now lived 8 blocks this way and 2 that way... so we went to find that house and had no luck so we just started asking people on the street if they knew this lady... and like 60% of the time they knew her or a relative or something.  It was really funny I just couldn't help but laugh out loud as we were treasure hunting for people in Hamburg Iowa.     What did I learn from this you are probably asking?   Good question really, but I did learn that the gospel changes people's lives, it honestly makes them so happy.  It is incredible to see this light fill their lives.  The Lord works in mysterious ways and he will never give up on us.   He will send missionaries to hunt you down in crazy little towns because he loves each one of his children so perfectly. 

I love this gospel.  And I love each of you!   Thanks for you support, keep being incredible! 
Love you to the moon and space!
Sister McMaster

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