Monday, November 25, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving!

How are you all doing!?  Getting ready for Thanksgiving??  I have been so thrilled to be a missionary during this time of remembering all that we need to be grateful for. 
I am somewhat at a loss of things to write about (probably because I should never go to the computers on an empty stomach) but do not worry, as they always and forever will, miracles have happened.  
Sister Call and I have been working on being EXACTLY obedient.  It's hard!  We do our very best to be where we are supposed to be at all the right times and more often then not we see miracles happen when we do this.   We had a day that we had planned less then we should have and were sort of beating ourselves up when we had a thought to go talk to a man we had briefly met a few weeks back, his name is Don.  He was home and was so sweet, he seems very lonely.  His wife passed away a few months ago and  we can see how the gospel would bless his life.    We talked to him and set up a time when we can teach him more about the Book of Mormon, we were feeling really good thinking we found our miracle for the hour, when we walked out the door of the appartment complex and held the door open to a freezing woman (did I mention it's freezing here?  oh yeah it is.)  She was scurrying in when she looked at us and said "What ward do you go to?" we told her, and asked her what ward she attended.  She told us she had moved a few months ago from Arizona and hadn't been able to go to church yet.  So we very lovingly invited her and were thrilled that she showed up on Sunday!  Coincidence?  I think not.  It was cool that Heavenly Father helped us be in  a place that we would run into her.
We also had a really cool experience with a golden investigator!  You've been waiting for this right?  His name is Josh and he went on and found the bishop's phone number, called him and said "What do  I need to wear to attend your services?"  Sweet right!?  We had a lesson with him last week and it was awesome.  He is so prepared to change and to progress.  It is amazing to realize that there are people out there like Josh.  Only downside of this story is that our Area is so small that he doesn't live in our ward boundaries, So we had to transfer him over to the Elders in the other ward. We have a tendency of finding fabulous investigators for other missionaries.   Still working on maintaining our own. 
Well, I want you all to know how grateful I am for each one of you.  Especially during Thanksgiving I hope you all take a good moment to remember your Savior.  Remember to be grateful to him.   I have loved to be a missionary because I get to dedicate every waking moment to his service.  I love getting to know him better and feeling his love more powerfully each day.  I have also learned to have more faith as I pray.   Praying intently is an incredible thing to do.  I was studying the story in Mosiah 24 about the people of Alma that were in bondage.  They had such great faith that they prayed with all of their hearts.  They had no doubts that the Lord would provide a way for them.  They never doubted the power of prayer.   The best part is that they were right on target.  Heavenly Father was so aware of their needs, he knew exactly that they were suffering and struggling and he eased their burdens, and helped them to feel comforted.  How often do we each need that comfort and yet we forget to pray with all of our heart?   I have met a fair amount of people that fight getting help from the Lord.  How often is that my own struggle?   Do we realize that there isn't anything that he doesn't understand?    I have been thinking a lot about this lately.   Prayer is our connection to our dear Father in Heaven, and we have the opportunity to speak to him through a gracious Savior.  Do we show enough gratitude for this? 
I know that I could demonstrate more gratitude to my Savior.   My commitment to you lovely family is that you go out of your way to show gratitude to your Savior.  Don't doubt or underestimate your actions.  He knows your hearts and he will shower you with blessings as you do so.  I hope you all know that I love you all so dearly, I am so grateful to be a member of the Church, I am so grateful to have the Book of Mormon,  I know that it is a miracle that it is available to us today!  What a beautiful plan this is. 
Have a Terrific week!  Eats lots of Turkey, don't worry we're being fed twice so we'll be feeling fat and happy just as you all will be I hope :)    Love you!
Sister McMaster

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