Monday, December 2, 2013

Happy December!

Hello Family Dear! 
Isn't time just flying by like crazy?!  Wasn't yesterday October?  Good to hear you all were well fed on thanksgiving!   It was a Thanksgiving to remember here in Nebraska.  Sister Call and I knew it was the day president would call if we were to be transfered so we were rather anxious.  At about 10 we decided he wouldn't call and were celebrating that we'd be together for another transfer and for christmas and such..... when we go a text from the Zone Leaders.... And BAM!  Sister Call got sent to Kearney!  Like 4 hours west of civilization!  So I have a new companion who came from Kearney!  Her name is Sister Youngberg and I already love her to death because she's incredible.   I am really excited to work with her.   It was hard leaving Sister Call again.  I thought it would be easier the 2nd time around but nope it was hard still, too bad I just love people too much that I hate leaving them.  

So the mission is exploding with missionaries!  They opened 10 new areas for sisters!  So Sister Youngberg and I are now over 8 companionships!  It's so many sisters!  And one of them is the Pioneer Sisters (so Sister Schrader!)  Cool right?  We'll get to go on exchanges in my old area, which will be super weird.  
So I am so happy right now, I think spending a holiday remembering what we're grateful for is rejuvinating.  Do you all feel that way?   Yesterday was such a lovely day at church.  I have a funny story too!  We had a less active gentleman show up that we had found a few weeks ago.  He's a very sweet very talkative man named Brother Ottis.  I was excited because he hasn't been to church in probably a year or so and he was so surprised we found him.   But he decidied he'd go up and bear his teastimony and he told the ward that he lived in a very high security apartment complex and that one day he hears a knock on the door only to find two sisters standing outside his appartment.  He told the ward "I have no idea how Sister McMaster got in there but I'm grateful that she did"  After that the whole ward was asking me what kind of criminal moves I performed for the sake of the work or the Lord.  My favorite response was the fantastic Sister Gardner who was convinced that Sister Call and I scaled the walls of appartments to find less actives.  Truth of the matter is I don't really know how we got into his building.  But the Lord knows where his sheep are and he knows how to find them.   Fun miracle, even though I will never be able to live down being a criminal missionary. 
So since I've been with Sister Youngberg the last couple days I've been humbled at how well heavenly father knows his children.  I was convinced that I didn't need a change, and yet I am so grateful for the changes that have begun since having a new companion.  It has been amazing to see that the Lord refines us and tweaks us this way and that way to help us become the people he knows we can be.   I am so grateful that he cares enough about me to be with me every step of the way in progressing.  Have you been able to recognize his hand in helping you personally progress in the last couple months?  It's always amazing the miracles that are happening, sometimes without us even noticing.  
So Sister Youngberg and I are praying for a White Christmas.  Meaning we have a Baptism,  this will be a miracle because we have had a very slim teaching pool the past few weeks (we've had investigators dropping us like flies :( )   But I want to tell you this now so that when I inform you of the prepared person that we find you'll see how incredible the miracle is.   Thank you ever so much for your prayers and your support.  You really have no idea how incredible it is to have a foundation of an incredible family at home.    I love you all so much.  I pray that you all have a fantastic week.  I hope that you feel the love of our Savior everyday this holiday season.  I hope you show your gratitude for him every morning you wake up.  Keep smiling and sharing your love with those around you. 
Love you all to the moon and space!  ( I know it doesn't makes sense Tommyface... but i like the sound of it)
Sister McMaster

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