Monday, December 9, 2013

Snowflakes that stay on my nose and eyelashes

Well HI!
How's it going out there in Utah??  From the Christmas devotional it seems there is no snow in Utah yet... that true??  Well we have snow here!  My toes are froze and my nose is cold!  :)   But I still love it here!

It has been quite the week. I've been studying a lot about repentance and the atonement.  Such powerful and necessary topics to understand.  I read the talk from Priesthood session by Elder Uchdorf and loved it!  How powerful is that statement?  "You can get up now!"  It is amazing how the words of the leaders of the church fit perfectly with the struggles we are each facing.   There is a family we are working with that hasn't come to church in a while and this was exactly the advice they need!  The Mom, Ann is so sweet!  She just feels like she isn't worthy to come back, we bore testimony to her that she can get up now!  I know she's fighting it but I also know that Heavenly Father won't give up on her.  It's such an incredible feeling to know that he will never give up on his children. As a missionary we feel that love so powerfully for the people we teach, he loves us so so much.  I hope you all feel that, it is one of the most powerful feelings I think we will ever feel. I am so grateful to have such an incredible family like you that I could learn how to love powerfully from.
So I have felt the need to "get up"  in this area,  the week Sister Call left we had quite the falling of investigators, poor Sister Youngberg came to a nearly empty teaching pool!  But change happens for reasons we may not understand and I know Heavenly Father has great plans for our area.  Within the last week we recieved 4 referrals from church head quarters!  That's crazy especially for our tiny little ward!  It's incredible because it means someone else has planted a seed, and we literally get to go harvsest what they have planted.   We have contacted most of the referrals and are very excited to start teaching some of these people.  But I wanted to thank you for your prayers!  You must have all been praying hard this week because I have felt so empowered to keep my head up high and recognize the miracles that are begining to occur.  Elder Uchdorf's words are so true, we can get up now.   We are strong enough to rely on the Savior, because he will never abandon us.  He will always be close enough to help us up.  I find so much comfort from that :) 

Well I love you so much sweet family! I am so very grateful for you.  I am absolutely loving being a missionary.  We have a goal of contacting 10 new people every single day!  It's so hard!  But we contacted 15 people yesterday because we were just talking to everyone!  It was the best.  You should all be contacting 1 new person everyday if you can, try it!    It is such a enjoyable job seeing people's lives change as they come closer to Christ.  I feel so overwhelmingly blessed.  I hope you all enjoyed St. Nicholas day!  Sister Zachary and Brother Zachary are the greatest, you'll love them when you meet them some day, they let us help decorate and even bought me my own ornament that I got to put my name on! They are so fantastic. 

I hope you all have a fantastic week!  Stay warm and stay happy and share the gospel, there are seeds to be planted! 
Love Always,
Sister McMaster

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