Monday, December 30, 2013

Marshmallow in a Marathon

Happy New Year family!
Do you ever feel like you are a marshmallow running a marathon? (maybe don't answer this one dad it may not apply to you)  But like in life you are running, but your actually just rolling because you're not ready to go that fast?  like a blu-ub...Imagine what that sounds like. 
Sometimes that's how life goes though right?  Sometimes we just want to sprint and our marshmallow selves are just not quite capable of that! 
We'll come back to that topic. 
 First of all I just wanted to thank you all for the lovely skype chat we had on wednesday!  How odd that was to just sit down and talk to all your beautiful faces!  As my friend here Sister Palmer said when talking about her family talk, "it was like 'what? they still exist?!''"   I'm glad you still exist :)    It truly was a Christmas to remember, not too often that you find yourself in Bellevue Nebraska wishing people that you have just recently come to love a very merry christmas!  That is one thing that makes being here so easy, the people here are too easy to love!  They wrap their arms around you and you can feel at home.   It truly is a blessing that comes from knowing that God is real and loves us all so perfectly.  Because of that we can feel that love where ever we are.  I know that I felt God's love powerfully on Christmas day as I talked with you, as I talked with my companion and as I talked with people in this neck of the woods.   We live in a glorious world and I am so grateful that I have been blessed with the opportunity to be here serving. 
So as you know life is never easy, and that doesn't change when you are a missionary.  Weird right?  Life is still difficult in so many different aspects.  When we go on exchanges we are helping boost these sister's areas and it is remarkable how many miracles we see!  It is also spiritually draining, we leave feeling exhausted and basically like marshmallows running a marathon.   Though even though I am human(marhmallow)  I know that the Lord provides a way for miracles to happen.  The Lord knows what we need.  Right now he wants me to learn to be spiritually strong even when I feel like a spiritual marshmallow.  Do you ever feel that way?  I have learned in the last couple days that as soon as I start doubting myself, I just need to open the Book of Mormon and be reminded of the peace that the gospel truly brings.
I need to remember to ask myself "What does having a Savior Jesus Christ mean to me?"  It is as I ponder this that my spririt is rejuvinated and I have faith that I can finish this marathon. 
Every person on this earth is a Child of God.  How often to you think about that?  How often does that stop you in your tracks and make make you look at the world differently?  That is something that has been causing my marshmallow self to roll lately...  (forgive me for being so weird... it's kinda just that kind of monday)  I know that the Lord guides us and he trusts us as we exercise our Faith and prepare ourselves for this work.  I know that each one of you has helped me in ways I may not be able to articulate but ways that has helped me become who I am.  Matt 4:19 "follow me, and I will make you fishers of men"   I know that each one of us is being "made"  not by our own doings but by the Lords, and the people he places in our paths.  I am learning that everyday!  I feel like he will one day be able to look at us and be proud of what we have become, but we must let him refine us, we must face the trials he has in store with us and we must never stop running the race.  Someday you just might turn into a marathon runner, but until that day keep running. 
I love you all dearly!  I appologize that this e-mail is weird, but sometimes you just have to type what comes to your head.   I am looking forward to another week here in Nebraska!  We have lots of exciting things this week!  We are planning to commit 2 of our investigators to baptism this evening.  I have faith that the spirit will direct these lessons.  Pray for me, pray for Brooke and pray for Angie,  I know the Lord has a plan for these two sweet sisters.  I pray that we will be able to teach them by the Spirit.  
Good luck with celebrating the new year!  I will be celebrating by going to bed at 10:30!  It's bound to be a blast!  (maybe we'll count down and pretend we live in New York or something! :))  I love you all!  Take care!  I'm glad the Christmas-stache found you!  Love you!
Love Always,
Sister McMaster

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