Monday, December 16, 2013

Christmas Bells are Ringing!

Hear what they say to you, Jesus is born in Bethlehem!
Hello sweet family!  I hope you are all staying warm! 
I wanted to tell you all how very grateful I am for the love and support, and for the sweet notes you sent in a Thanksgiving Package, I felt so loved.  You are all the very best :)
So I had a sweet experience yesterday in Sacrament Meeting that I wanted to share with you.  I was pondering the Atonement as I listened to the sacrament Hymn.  We have Christmas Zone Conference this week and have each been asked to write a 1 page talk about the atonement, so I decided to dedicate my thoughts to the Atonement.  Often when I ponder topics like this I just end up writing all sorts of questions down in my journal as I try to focus my thoughts and feelings. Any way I was pondering what the Atonement means to me.  What does the Atonement mean to you?  What is the power of Christ's love?  How is it specifically manifested to you?  As I pondered these questions I felt peace, just soft peace.  Do you know what I mean?  It's the peace that fills your soul, it's hard to explain but the power of it is real.  I realized that that is what the atonement means to me, it is the assurance that my worries and doubts are known by my Savior.  The words to the hymn Revently and Meekly Now displayed my thoughts exactly.  "In the solemn faith of prayer Cast upon me all thy care... Be obedient I implore, prayerful, watchful evermore, And be constant unto me, That thy Savior I may be"  I love that hymn.  It is so powerful.  
During Christmas I often have stressed about what to make or buy for this person or that, always wanting desperatly to make their Christmas wish come true,  I overwhelm myself often when I think of all these things to do, but I realized the gift that I truly do want to give to each of you this year.  That is the gift of peace.  I don't know how to package it up or mail it or put a stamp on it.  But I feel powerfully in my heart that you can each receive the peace that our father desires as you soften your hearts and seek to feel.  At the end of Sacrament meeting I was feeling very much at peace when something that was sort of a tender mercy to me happened.  There is a young girl in the fairview ward that has down syndrome.  Her name is Lilly.  She is six and has an absolutely pure spirit.  At the end of the meeting she walked up to me going around people pointing to me, she came up to me and just held my hands, then she gave me a hug and walked away.  It was incredible, but I didn't realize till after that that was a tender mercy of our Father in Heaven.  He simply was reminding me that I am a daugher of god.  He sent me a hug from one of the purest spirits he could.   I am overwhelmed with love for my Savior.

Me and Lily:) I love her!

Another Bellevue Sunset. Miracles happen every day, never forget that!

I hope that this somehow made sense,  I just felt like it was a sweet experience I should share.  I am so grateful that we have one another to grow from and learn from.  I love each one of you with all of my heart.  I know that our Savior loves each one of you as well..  I hope you all feel the most powerful gift that this world can offer, the gift of peace.  Pray for peace wherever you may be celebrating Christmas this year. I hope you know that I pray for each of you as well, I know that we are so blessed by our loving Heavenly Father and I pray you all have an enjoyable week preparing for the Holidays!  I love you all to the moon and space and back!
Sister McMaster  

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