Monday, October 21, 2013

Good Morning from Omaha!

Hello there!  Guess what transfers happened and my whole world flipped upside down.  As expected from being a missionary.  It is fantastic.  I fasted for peace with this next transfer because I had a difficult time last transfer, you'll never believe what has happened.  It's just so unheard of!   Haha ready for it??   So president called last monday night and was talking to sister schrader, he told her she was going to train, and stay in pioneer, my heart thumped... because I knew I would be leaving the Katz, and Sister Schrader and the Pioneer ward and everything... I was shaking a little bit when she handed me the phone.   Then president asked me if I would be willing to serve as a Sister Trainer Leader... Yikes! I accepted, then he told me who my companion is.... you will never believe it family.   Sister Call!  I freaked out!    I never thought we'd possibly be companions again, let alone so soon.   I kinda feel like heavenly father just gave me a big huge glazed donut or something.  Just like a special feeling.  He knows how much I love her and I'm thrilled to work with her again.  
It was more exciting though,  we were put in a Trio or as we called it a tripanionship of power.  Because Sister Call's companion Sister Moore was a visa waiter, and her visa came!   She's leaving for Brazil as we speak! (Recife mission for those of you who know brazil...) This last week we got to run around the ward meeting people for me and saying good bye for her and learning portuguese in our spare time.( I can say that I'm a missionary... and I know the book of mormon is true... that's all!)   haha  I will miss teaching the deaf in pioneer, but I know that the Lord needs me here. 
So now I live with a new family, The Zachary's.  So far I like them and I like the Fairview ward.  (Oh I now live in Bellevue Nebraska)   Today I will finally get to settle all my stuff in and maybe it will seem like I live there.   Something that is cool about being a sister leader is we will get to go on exchanges every week.  I'm a little nervous but I trust that heavenly father knows what he is doing!  
This area is so much smaller than Pioneer, it is crazy!  It won't take nearly as long to learn how to navigate.  It's weird for a ward to have such small boundaries out here but it is cool!  We have a lot of work.  A girl at church yesterday introduced us to her friend that wants to learn about the church. We were so excited!  (can you imagine teaching a person that has so much support and desire?!)  I think that will be incredible. 
Well family, I hope you know  that the work is incredible out here.  Mom talked about some of the things she learned in the Jensen's ward about being a missionary.  It is so true!  Being a missionary isn't that hard,  you just share who you are by being a good friend.  That's all!   The lord knows what he is doing,  I hope all of you are happy and healthy!  Jordan said the bobbing for donuts at grandma's went well, said he learned a new tactic.   I hope you guys can send me some pictures!     Love you to the Moon and Space!  Keep Choosing the right and keep being incredible! 

Sister McMaster

Saying good bye to my Sister Schrader!

Sister Moore!  Off to Brazil!

Awkward picture of us hugging our "mom"  Yay for having a sister in the mission!  Off to RECIFE!

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