Monday, October 14, 2013

Autumn Time!

Hello family! 
How are all of you feeling this week??  Are you loving the changing leaves and the fall temperatures?? I sure am!  Yesterday we took an investigator to the Trail Center in Omaha, and the drive there was incredible!  I love it when the leaves are yellow and red, I finally figured out how to print pictures so I'll be sending home postcardish things (to any of you people in the world that haven't written me you won't get one because I won't have your address... so write me a letter :))    So change is just the greatest right??  Transfers happen tomorrow!  Can you believe it?  I've made it through another transfer... so weird!  I'm really  not sure if I'll stay here or go but I'm praying that I will have peace with the changes that may come.
So this week was a good one! We taught the lesson in sign language, and fortunately had an interpreter come help us.  It was quite a blessing.  The man's name is Shane, and he's a tease! He's like 6'5"  and huge...  and he tells me that I'm bad at signing and need to buy an ASL book.  What a punk!  You try to learn to pray in sign language in 8 weeks...  Just kidding.  It's actually just funny because Deaf people are ridiculously blunt, they are also ridiculously patient and they love to tease, I love working with these people.    And guess what miracle happened??  Shane came to church!  That was the first investigator I've ever had come to church.  I was shocked!! Then another miracle, the interpreter was a brother, which is rare, but he was able to go to priesthood with  him.   Yup it was a really good Sunday!  I played the Organ again which is always just a party... Don't tell but I just stopped playing the pedals... It's very hard to sight read pedals my brain just couldn't do it yesterday.  
Hmm other things that happened..  I got in a car accident sort of... that was dumb.  I got rear ended while on an exchange so I was driving. Hopefully that doesn't mean that I can't drive anymore... I don't think it will.  It was super minor and the other car just barely scratched the bumper.   But I had to follow procedure and call the police.  And then I had to like tell people my first name... it was weird to be called Catherine, I wanted to tell the lady my name is Sister.   Anyway everything was okay and it was kind of a weird flash back to the night that the Christmas car became christmasy.  Did that car live?  I never heard the story of it's life.
So I wanted to leave you with a happy thought but the timer is running out and freaking out at me, it's somewhat stressful.     I just glanced through my notes to find a conference quote:  Remember this week to not loos your way or become lost, do not be unwilling to endure to the end. Press forward and continue to hold fast! (Kevin S Hamilton)  I love you family!  I  hope you all have an awesome week!  Keep smileing and enduring to the end!  Love you!
Love always,
Sister McMaster
Sorry I don't have time for pictures :( I'll send lots next week :)!

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