Monday, August 19, 2013

There is Sunshine in My Soul Today!

Good Morning Family!
How are you all doing??  So good to hear that life is going well back at home.  Excited for school to start??  I hope so!  School started in Lincoln like last week so count your blessings :)  It's probably the weirdest thing about being here is not going back to school... hee hee it's probably bad to say that I really like not going... but don't worry I'm being very well taught in the lord's school, it's kinda like being homeschooled by the lord... that doesn't even make sense sorry I'll stop. 
So I am just really happy today!  Don't you love those days when you just want to shout for joy and tell everyone that you have sunshine in your soul??  Sister Call and I were prompt to pop out of bed this morning so we got a really good run in, I love watching the Sunrise... I probably have said that like a zillion times but I can't get enough of the sunshine.   We are finding cool paths around our neighborhood.  Dad you'd be proud of our little routes, but I have a really horrible millage clock in my head so I have no idea how far we run....  Ah well!   
Last week was pretty great, miracles happening everyday so not to worry the Lord is watching over his missionaries.  I am learning to be more patient, we really really need to work with the members and they need to get us our investigators.  That's how this work needs to work.  It's hard because we want to just go out and find people because we want to be teaching!  But the people we find are often really flakey... and our appointments fall through.  But we keep our heads up high, and pray for our ward.  We pray that they will trust us to teach their friends, that they will trust themselves to share the gospel with their neighbors. 

Some highlights:  Sister Call and I have super limited driving miles... (mostly because we have to drive to Columbus(173 miles) once a week which eats all our miles :()   So we decided we'd try bikes for a day!  We borrowed a members bikes and it was so sweet!  We were like the coolest sister missionaries ever!  Then we were being good and locked our bikes while we ran inside to get lunch or something, and silly forgetful sister McMaster forgot the lock combination! (actually I didn't but the combination stopped working!)  So our bikes were locked together... so we prayed that we could unlock them, and we kept praying but it just wouldn't unlock!  So we recognized that Heavenly father needed us to walk.  So we walked, because life is always better when you do what Heavenly Father wants,  And while walking we met a family and we had a really good conversation with them, and they gave us popcicles!  (I have a miserable sweet tooth these days... cinnamon rolls... yumm)  yeah anyway... We were not as bold as we could have been with this family, but the wife seemed like she sincerely would enjoy talking to us so we may go visit her some time this week.  This ward could use a strong family!  It is amazing how important each family is in a ward.  Our ward has so many new families so it's very young.. It would be good to add some to the youth because our primary is enormous!    I hope something good will come from that!  Oh yeah to finish the bike story... we never unlocked the bikes... we had to get someone to cut the lock open... So we will have to go buy a new lock today :S   So much for bikes!  Maybe our bike time will come... but all in the Lord's time.

We've been doing lots of service, we've been painting people's houses and weeding people's gardens and it's a lot of fun!  The house we were painting is for a lady that is deaf.  I wish soooo badly that I knew sign language better!   I can spell things because I know the alphabet but I have a hard time reading her signs... so we are going to a sign class this week which will be fun!
This upcoming week is soooo busy!  But we get to go to the temple!  I am so excited to go, I have not been in sooooooo long!  Family go like everyday because you can!  It will be interesting to be in the temple as a missionary... not that it makes me any different really... That's something I learned, being a missionary doesn't make me any different than I ever was... it just highlights what I committed to be at baptism.  We all covenanted to be witnesses of Jesus Christ, and that is all I do as a missionary.  I witness that Jesus Christ is my savior and testify that the greatest happiness will come to all who choose to follow Christ's example.   
Well I hope all of you can have sunshine in your soul today!  Don't forget that Heavenly Father wants us to be soo happy.  That's why we're here on earth.  So choose to be happy!  It's always your choice.  Good luck with moving out Sarah!  That's so exciting!  Sending lots of hugs to be at Tanner's Farewell  someone give everyone a hug for me okay?  I love you all so dearly and I know that I am exactly where I am supposed to be right now.  The plan of our father in heaven is so perfect.  We have to trust in it!  Do something every day to show the lord that you trust his plan.   Love you love you love you!
Sister McMaster

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