Monday, May 19, 2014

Just a Jar of Pickles

Hello Family Dear!

How are you all doing today?   Sounds like you have had some horrible illness?  I'm sorry to hear that!  I'm proud to report I'm doing very well health wise... so your prayers must be working.

So this week was transfers!  bahaha you'll never believe it... I'm staying in Fairview for yet another transfer. This poor ward just can't get rid of me... The Zachary's said they might adopt me so if you see weird legal documents that's probably why.  Just kidding.  haha so it really has actually been a bizzare week... mind if I share a snipit of it?  

disclaimer:  the title of today's e-mail has nothing to do with anything... simply what came to mind as I stared in space at the library.

So I do my best to not think about transfers but I was rather worried this go around... because I have been in this area a little while, but I prayed that I could stay one more, because I feel like there is something more I need to do in this area. Heavenly Father said it was his will.. so here I am.  Then a series of miracles took place.  Sister Stiles and I went without a phone this week (because we put the battery in and plugged it in before it was completely dry so it died... dead as can be, lost all contacts... super lame... no phone for 6 days)  This was only a minor problem but the spirit took us to the random places we needed to be and I now have absolutely no doubt that the Lord is in this work.  We would borrow a phone for an hour from members and would be so inspired to call the people that said they had just barely texted our dead number, crazy right?  It was cooler then it sounds now... :)  

So then the bigger miracle happened; because our phone died we had to go pick up our replacement at the Mission office, so we went the day of transfers so we could help out the new missionaries and stuff.  While we were there one of the sisters got really sick and was vastly opposed to going on the transfer van... so we offered to drive her to Lincoln.  We had talked about going to Lincoln to check on some sisters but we had kind of just not felt like going (because we were pretty much exhausted)  So there we were, in Lincoln not exactly sure why but we pressed forward.  We got the sick sister and her new trainee all situated and then went to visit some other sisters.  Only to find out that these sisters really needed us and we were able to help them and assist in an emergency transfer.  (so moral of the story , when heavenly father needs you to be places he will sometimes make people throw up in order for it to happen)  

I have learned so much about God's love this week.  I have a scripture for you to study:  Romans 8:34-39 I think is the reference... It talks about how nothing can separate us from the Love of God.  Not height or depth or anything.   How amazing it is that Heavenly Father loves us perfectly, no matter what we do or who we become.  He is always there for us.  I hope you are all studying your scriptures every day, because even though nothing separates us from God's love, we can stop feeling it if we do not adequately prepare our spirits.  I know you've all heard this 8 million times but I can't even express how grateful I am that I started reading the book of morman every day when I was younger,  My spirit is growing strong today because of what I read when I was 13, that's the way the lord's plan works.  You may  not understand why it's currently important but keep doing what you know you need to do, The reason you know is because the holy ghost is telling you.  Keep the Faith lovely family.  I love you all so much.  

We are on an investigator hunt this week, I have great expectations because we have some totally bizarre finding ideas. We shall see how they work!  We are also ready for Angie to get baptized... so is She... If you wouldn't mind praying for her?  Her biggest worry is fear of what her husband will think.  She's the sweetest thing and wants soooo badly to be baptized.  Pray that we have the words to say, but that she does as well.  

Love you all!  Take good care of yourselves this week! and ya know if life gets you down eat a pickle, because they're really good. (inspiring right?)

Love Always,

Sister McMaster

eating the japanese candy finally that Marla and Rich sent... what a freaking weird treat!  YUMMY!

our totally awesome district... I'll miss these fellows!

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