Monday, May 5, 2014

Dear World, I am 22 and still swimming!

Don't freak out, I'm not really swimming because that's against the rules... but I may or may not have belted out Dory's rendition of the song "just keep swimming"  as I drove to Lincoln and back with Sister Stiles like 500 Million times this week.(mild exaggeration)
HAPPY CINCO DE MAYO!  I'm basically crying right now because I feel so loved.  How did I get so lucky to get borned into this family?  Have I mentioned that I love you all?  I hope so.  I am so grateful for the sweet things that came in the mail and the sweet words of encouragement you have each sent.  I pray for all of you and I hope you are smiling every day! :)
This week my mind was blown away because it was probably the hardest/best/craziest/weirdest/most miraculous week of my life... and to top it off Stuart is getting married... (my heart stopped beating... I thought I might die in the library... thankfully Jordan gave me a heads up...)  I'm really so excited that so many incredible things are happening back home, glad to hear your lives didn't stop when I left (though you'd think they would right?)
So here's what happened.... We got to go to PIONEER!  My baby area is just destined to haunt me throughout my whole mission, but I love it :) to make it more exciting Sister Youngberg was there and I got to run with her and tell her how much I love her.  We saw miracles I wish I could describe to you the magnitude of the change I am feeling in my soul... Like that probably sounds weird and crazy... but my understanding of the Atonement is increasing and I have so much love for our Savior that I could probably pop... (kind of like Natalie!)  I was studying Matthew 27 and 28 and I was simply brought to tears at the beauty of the Savior's last days,  I wrote in my journal that the beauty and reality of the atonement seem to be something that we can only truly capture in our hearts, only the Holy Ghost is able to testify this sacred principal to our souls. 
So in addition to the miracle that I feel is happening in myself I have seen miracles happen to so many people around me, to sum up some of my thoughts I've seen Missionaries ready to go home have a change of heart, I've seen the spirit change the countenance of a dear friend, I've seen people show up to church that we invited months ago(actually the guy we see at the library, he came yesterday?! sweet right?)  I've seen the Lord cause things to work out when I didn't think it was possible.... here's my favorite miracle of the week.   There is a Sister that has been really really sick and we went on an exchange with her so that her companion could go to some appointments.  I sat in the quiet apartment feeling really alone as the other Sister slept..  I felt the need to pray, so I knelt on my knees and prayed to know what to do, I was praying for a miracle seeking for my faith to be enough to do something for this sister.  I asked Heavenly Father to allow me to do something so that she could feel his love.  I thought of making her a treat, or drawing her a picture or something.... nothing felt right so I just sat there and sang hymns to myself...(man I sound like such a freaking weirdo... don't worry I'm just as weird as always)  About 5 min later I walked into her room to wake her up for a second and she  grumbled and asked if I knew how to braid hair... (little did she know I'm a hair braiding freak!)  She said she had been dreaming about how she needed to do her hair and was very stressed about it... to me this was Heavenly Father allowing me to serve her in the exact way she needed.  How grateful I am that our Heavenly Father cares about our tiniest desires. 
There are so many other miracles I could share but you'd be bored to tears, I have felt Heavenly Father's love this week.  I pray you have felt it as well.  What a miracle it is to be alive and to have each other.  I am so grateful for each one of you.  Keep swimming because sometimes you look back at your journey and you won't even believe your growth.   I love you all forever!  Have a lovely week!

Love Always,

Sister McMaster

look at me I'm freaking 22!
Sister Stiles post-ited my study spot!
Once again another great leadership council...I love being a missionary :)


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