Monday, July 21, 2014

A Frog is Like a Toaster

One of the most worrisome animals ya know?  You have no idea when it will hop... just like the toster you never know when it will pop!  But the work of the Lord is cooler than both because we don't have to worry, it will pop when it's supposed to and when it does you just embrace being showered with blessings.  That's the kind of week I had family... that's it.

Where to even start really though?  How are you all doing?  Probably not as hot and sticky as I am but that's okay.  It's good to see you climbing to the top of mountains and such!   Let me know when Jace goes mountain climbing... :)  

So we had a busy week!  We do as much as we can when we are in York because we have to leave a lot for weird meetings and such, so it's like power missionary work.  I love it.  We got to take Debbie to the Trail Center this week.  I love the trail center!  We were able to show her paintings that are on exhibit there and they were so powerful.  They are pictures of Christ serving and then a parallel picture of a pioneer serving the same way.  It's amazing to me to see that Christ's mission was to serve and love and that is our mission as well.  We get to serve and love the way the Savior did.   Debbie opened up a little bit about how she feels about the church but she still seems to be an enigma.   

Oh!  Sad story, so we got a call from Elder Coleman (the car guy)  and he said to Sister Wrubell and I "sisters, are you sitting down?"  Which is always the worst question to be asked on the phone.... then he talked about how we have to make sacrifices as missionaries.. yatat yata... But he told us he was taking away our Truck,  so we sobbed a little bit... haha but we get a Jeep!  So we weren't too sad, only kind of really sad.  

Okay so here is the gem of the day, here is the pop of our week!  So we have been teaching a lady named Julie, who is set for being baptized on the 9th of August, she's been super hesitant lately and we haven't been sure how to help get over that barrier, but then one day we went to her house and there was another family over and the mother (Hilda) was so excited to see us!  She started going off on how she had been preparing to be baptized in Las Vegas but when she moved here (over a year ago) she wasn't ever able to find the church.  She was so excited to come to church and her excitement just rubbed right onto Julie who stared asking us lots of question about baptism. :) So Hilda and her 6 children and Julie and her 3 children all came to church yesterday!  WOW!  I've never felt so excited like ever.  Best day ever! There were 97 people in our branch house (Almost enough for us to be building qualified!)  Best line of the day  as Hilda's little clan walked through the door "whelp... we just turned into a ward" haha.  THe miracles that heavenly father has in store for us are just fantastic!  

I'm so grateful for all your love and support.  The work is hastening here, how's it going in Cottonwood Heights?  You having fun missionary experience amongst your crazy summer adventures?? I hope so!

I love you soo much.  Press forward, keep choosing the right and don't worry, the Lord's work will pop when it is supposed to.  

Love you!

Sister McMaster

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