Monday, July 28, 2014

Called to Serve "Yay God!"

Good Morning From Nebraska!

How are you all doing? I hear Mom and Nat and Jace are in Ohio?  are you still there?  That sounds like a fun road trip!  I hope you enjoy the golden cornfields as much as I do.  I love this part of the world.  I'm so grateful to be here :)

So I guess I'll tell you about my interesting week.  Lots of miracles happening everywhere we turn.   We were in our area on Tuesday and Wednesday (two days in a row!)  York is a fantastic little town.  We went and did service at an animal place called Adopt-A-Pet, we meet fantastic people there.  Our favorite is a woman and her husband (Jim and Joannie).  They are an elderly couple that has been through a lot, they're a little rough around the edges looking but the sweetest people on the planet.  Joannie has such a big heart and talks endlessly about how each creature is a child of God, she gets so excited when different dogs get adopted she throws her hands up in the air and shouts "Yay God!"  It's fantastic.  How sweet of an example she is to so many people.  I learn from her to be grateful at all times.  We should always remember to stop and thank the Lord for the incredible blessings we receive each and every day.   

We had some interesting lessons this week, but we focused a lot on the Family Proclamation which is really cool!  We read it with people and really talk about how important our families are especially to Heavenly Father.  One really cool experience happened when we met with our investigator Christy.  She has been investigating for a long time and hopes to be baptized but her husband isn't on board yet... (this is a frustrating pattern) anyway she was talking to us about the book of Mormon, she said that when she first started reading it she thought it would be cool to learn the history and it would be educational to learn about God, but she said she never expected it to "change her life" !  Wow!  Talk about a testimony builder.  The Book of Mormon truly changes our life and learning about Heavenly Father's love changes our hearts forever.  I love this truth.  

Sister Wrubell and I celebrated Pioneer Day on Thursday!  We dressed up like pioneers and listened to the Trek National Tribute CD as we drove to Hastings (aka through 8 million cornfields and pastures) to go to our district meeting.  It was the most epic trek of our lives.  Haha the best part though was when we told Sarah (who we live with)  about our fantastic day and she said "I thought you always dressed like pioneers"  haha what a turkey.  It was a memorable day though! We had to feed the chickens of some members that went out of town so we just felt so pioneery!   Did you all enjoy pioneer day?  

Then Friday and Saturday we did back to back exchanges so we got to go to Nebraska City and Lincoln, It was exhausting! But also soo good!  It's really an incredible opportunity to see how each sister is doing.  The spirit is really strong when we are on exchanges.   While in Nebraska city we went up to the little city of Auburn(passing by the little city of Peru.. who names these places?)and Sister Stutler and I were able to have a lesson with this really sweet lady!  She was a friend of  a member and had so many good questions!  We sat in her kitchen cutting green beans and talked about the restoration of the gospel, and the sweet 17year old girl that came with us testified of Joseph Smith and how he restored the truth to the earth.  I love hearing the testimonies of the future missionaries of the world, what prepared people.  It was a really cool lesson.    In Lincoln we saw lot of miracles too! And I had the most awkward lesson of my life.... you'll have to write me a letter about it for more details... but basically when we got there there was a Jehovah's Wittness teaching our investigator in some chinese dialect... talk about random... I didn't even know what to do... so I prayed!  That went well... :S

Then Church yesterday was busy!  HIlda's family made it for sacrament meeting, unfortunately Julie's family didn't :( Both families have a lot of struggles but Hilda just kept saying "I know that it's probably time for me to get baptized"  I would love to see her family make this covenant and be able to be sealed together for eternity!  What a cool thing.  I love them so much.  I really love this branch too, they are so supportive and fantastic.

So yes busy long week! Hope I haven't bored you too much. I hope you are all having an enjoyable summery week too!  Can't believe that this week is that crazy kid's sweet 16! wow! Thom you are so old.  Have a happy birthday week! Let me know how your week goes!

Love you all so much!

Keep choosing the Right!

Love Always,

Sister McMaster

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