Monday, July 14, 2014

Missionary Life is the best thing since String Cheese was invented.


Happy pretend friend day!  How are you all doing?  Alive?  Having too much fun to let me know about it?  Aw well I'm having too much fun too so we can be friends.

This week was a blast!  So many miracles and missionary life is the best thing since string cheese was invented.  (Sister Wrubell says that that means a lot... because she knows how much I like string cheese, but she probably would have said Fruit snacks if it were the title to her e-mail)   So I had a dream that my companion had dread locks that were actually pretzels... just a fun fact for the day.

Where to even begin... Miracle 1:  We went on an exchange with the Hermanas!  woot woot!  my prophecy totally came to pass, just in the Lord's way ya know?  We spent the day pretending to speak Spanish (actually everyone we saw happened to speak English so I didn't even have to embarrass myself!)  I have so much respect for missionaries that speak a different language... mind blown.  I learned how to sing I am a child of god in Spanish so I'm pretty much fluent now.  They Serve in Grand Island, so I spent the day on an Island... actually it's just in the middle of nowhere, cool name right?

Miracle 2:  We got a ride to Lincoln for our zone training from my favorite person Sister Ward, she trains dogs and picks black raspberries so we're best friends.  

Miracle 3:  We went to Holmes Lake (yeah a random lake in the big NE... super cool) area and learned how to pray with Faith.  I love when the faith of other sisters helps mine to grow.  If it's the Lord's will and we pray with faith then the miracle will happen, this is the 3 Nephi 18:20 principal and one I'm learning to love and use every single day!

Miracle 4:  We had 3 bags of Fruit snacks in our box when we had previously counted only 2... (or we just can't count... but it felt like a miracle on a thunderstormy sunday evening)  

Miracle 5: We had a whole family come to church that haven't been in quite some time!  And so many people came to the branch yesterday! (apparently Aurora Nebraska is a convenient place to pass through and go to church!) We had a family there from Denmark!  I wished so badly that I knew Danish... Man now that I think of it I could have started singing the happy birthday song... maybe the spirit kept it from my mind for good reasons. :)   

Miracle 6: All the sisters we are working with are doing soooo well!  They all have some one with a date to be baptized! I feel like a little mother hen that has the best chickens in the coop!  

Miracle 7:  We picked eggs with Sarah and made Rolo cookies with her!  Best lesson ever!  And she helped us prepare our training for Zone training.

Miracle 8:  I learned something soooo cool about repentance that I have to share!  Why is it so important to repent?  Because you are WORTH repenting.  How cool is that?  Just think of your celestial self, or even your premortal self,  that self would be begging you to do the little things, would be pleaing with you to be brave and change, to not be afraid to to the things that the prophets ask us to do, It's worth the sacrifice to become that person.  Don't sell yourself short, you are worth it!  

Miracle 9:  Singing a medley of Come thou font and I am a child of God, as we drive from McCool to York

Miracle 10:  I love being a missionary, best year of my life!  

I love you all sooooooo much!  Here's your commitment:  Will you write down 5 miracles a day?  and send them to me?  Or just tell Heavenly Father about them, that's probably better!

Love you forever!

Sister McMaster  

holmes lake exchange!

Falling in love with Nebraska

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