Monday, August 4, 2014

Whale of a Tale...

Hello family that I love,

Did you celebrate Thomas's birthday? How is that crazy 16 year old kid doing?  Did you get the Corn??  I hope it didn't die! :)  

So this morning the geese were running wild, we had a horrible encounter with a cricket and a goat tried to eat my hair... phew!  But we also had really good studies and the book of Mormon is amazing.  I'm reading in 3 Nephi 28 and it's amazing.  It's the part about the 3  Nephites, they don't want to ever stop serving the Lord and because of their desire they will never taste of death.  Sister Gomez an amazing Sister that was in my first ever district told us this last week that this is her motto, she want's to be a three nephite missionary, a never ending missionary.  How cool is that?  I love this idea.  I don't live every day waiting for tomorrow, I love and serve today because today prepares me for eternity.  That's the eternal perspective family, we don't live for endings we live for eternal beginings. (I'm pretty sure President Uchtdorf said something like that...)  
  Really though I'm learning what it means to sacrifice your all for the work of the Lord, and then realizing as so many people have said before me that when you sacrifice your all, you realize that it is no sacrifice at all.  The love of our Father in Heaven is so strong that he blesses us with peace and joy and eternal happiness.  

This week was really really busy, which is good but also stressful and exhausting! But I loved it :)  We saw so many miracles.  We started off with an exchange in Columbus!  How sweet!  I haven't been to Columbus since my first transfer in Nebraska! Talk about a weird flash back!  It is such a cool place and the Sisters there are in a Zebra companionship (meaning one english and one spanish sister)  They are soooo cool and we saw tons of miracles.  We met some super interesting people and we ate fresh cucumbers!  Cool right?  

Wednesday we got to be back in York which was a tender mercy.  We worked as hard as we could and we got to teach Amber (a fantastic Recent Convert) about how she can receive her patriarchal blessing.  Sooo cool!

  So one of the hardest things to see as a missionary is when people struggle.  Dawn is a recent convert that has begun to struggle so much, it is sooo disheartening,  I have to remind myself that the reason we can have the happiest moments on our mission is because we encounter some terribly sad ones as well.  Her 4 kids are sooo spiritually in tune.  We are praying that she can bring her kids to church and partake of the fullness of Joy that she once desired.   I love her and her family so much, I'm grateful to learn to love people with all my heart. 

We Went to Grand Island, and Hastings for district meeting and mini exchanges...  then we drove to Omaha for Leadership council!  (phew we have lots of fun on our daily road trips... we were in the car for like 4 hours.... yay for license plate games and conference talks!)  

Leadership was amazing.  I felt so much peace and love.  Heavenly Father knew my spirit needed a hug and I got what I needed!  We talked all about Sacrifice (which is why it's on my mind today)  President invited us to think of 3 things we can sacrifice for the rest of our mission... so I'm thinking of things!  It is amazing that I am so much more willing to sacrifice now than I was when I first came on a mission.  I'm just ready to give all to the Lord, because I understand better that our Savior gave everything for us. My little desires are sooooo minimal and insignificant His will is the most important thing.  I pray that each of you as you pray are able to seek His will for you in your lives.

Well the church is true, I know Heavenly Father Loves you all so much.  Thank you for your faith and prayers.  Thanks for being my favorite people on the planet.  I hope you have a fantastic week and don't forget that I love you!

Love you forever!


Sister McMaster

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