Monday, August 25, 2014

August 25

Dear Family,

Hello! How are you today? Healthy? Happy?  Seeing miracles?  I hope so!  My week here in York was quite eventful.  We've been going crazy getting things all situated for Hilda's baptism this Saturday!  It's amazing how much opposition is coming to Hilda!  Her family probably has to move this week, they had to start school, health issues... the list just keeps going!  But she has such great faith and knows how important her baptism is.  We sort of teach in spanglish... it's interesting but I think that we're understanding each other somewhat, so that's good!   Fortunately the spirit doesn't  need a translator so everyone can understand, that's one of my favorite miracles.

We also had zone conference this week and we focused on the Book of Mormon.  It was amazing.  One of the best zone conferences ever.  I don't usually cry a lot but the spirit was so strong I was like sobbing.. weird.  Did you realize how powerful the Book of Mormon truly is?  It's so fantastically life changing.  I was reading in Preach My Gospel in Chapter 5 (best chapter!)  and there are activities at the back (pg 112) one of the questions asks you to pinpoint a scripture in the Book of Mormon that has changed your life. Have you ever asked yourself that question?  I did during personal study and I had a hard time finding one moment, it's hard to think of when your life changed.  Do you have a life changing scripture?  Honestly the whole book has changed my life that's why it's hard.   One scripture I do recall as changing my life a bit was Alma 34:41, sometimes we don't really think that we have afflictions but life can be hard!  We get stressed a lot, but that scripture answered a question of my soul and was clear assurance that as I patiently worked through the challenge, I would one day find rest.  That's the purpose of the Book of Mormon, to speak to your soul.  How has the Book of Mormon answered questions of your soul?

So President Weston challenged us as a mission to read the Book of Mormon together!  We are starting it Today and the goal is to finish by December 8 (Christmas Zone Conference)  I wanted to invite you to read it with us too!  It's 5 pages a day, so not too bad!  I know that the power that comes as we all read from the book of Mormon is so real and can truly change our lives.  Are you up for the challenge?  

The rest of our week was really fantastic, we had an exchange with the Yankee Hill sisters and Sister Papavero came to York with me, that was cool to have a Full exchange finally(where one of us is in each area) we went to Adopt-a-pet and played with a blind dog, Joannie loves it when we give love to god's creatures. She's seriously like a dog missionary, I hope she continues to progress and read the book of Mormon!  We also went to Nebraska City this week, which is great! I really like Nebraska City, and the amazing miracle was feeling charity for the Sisters that are serving there.  I didn't know one of them very well (which is weird for me because I'm getting to the point that I feel like I know every one really well)  but I was struggling with loving her for some reason, so I prayed for  charity, and guess what!?  By the end of the exchange I loved her a lot.  We left smiling as we drove back to York.

Missionary work is so happy!  I hope you all are able to have a happy week!  Look for missionary opportunities, not because I told you to, or because you feel guilty if you don't, but because it makes you happy.  If you want something to smile about share a simple truth you know to be true with someone you love. I love you all so very much.  I'm grateful for your love and support! 

Love Always,

Sister McMaster

Sister Dumont... :) awkward face champions!

finding my favorite people at zone conference!

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