Tuesday, September 2, 2014

"The Rains Come Down and the Floods Come Up"

Hello From York!  

Happy Tuesday!  I hope you all enjoyed your Labor day weekend!  It sure was a crazy weekend here!  Lots of miracles and lots of craziness... and lots and lots of rain!  We woke up to the horse's pasture being a pond!  

So we went on exchanges in Grand Island this week,  I think it's the 3rd or 4th largest cities in Nebraska... so bigger than York.  It was good to be in a city kind of again.  I also got to work with the Spanish sisters.  I spent the whole day with an Hermana... and alll of our appointments were with very non-english speaking hispanics.  How fun right!?  I felt so lost and confused the whole day!  Ha ha actually it was a miracle because I understood quite a bit.. I just couldn't really say anything.  I tried though!  In two of our appointments they asked me to pray!  I think I understand better what it feels like to be someone unfamiliar with prayer, it's quite scary to be praying and literally to not know what words are accurate to bless a family.  I did my best though and the spirit was strong so it was a really good day.  One crazy moment however was when we were in a lesson with their Investigator Osday, and in walked two deaf ladies that were signing in Spanish.... talk about a braincram.. I had to just stop thinking because they were like soap opera-ing and I wished so badly I could put on some subtitles or something haha it was funny. 

So humbling experience!  Remember how Hilda and Rene are amazing?  But also we are teaching them in English when their prefered language is Spanish?  Well we found out on Thursday night that Hilda was't clear on the word of wisdom (we finally had a spanish team up who could clearly explain it to her)  So we had to move her baptism to Sept 13, so she can be all ready!  It was probably one of the hardest moments I've had as a missionary.  I really didn't want to move it because she is so sincere! And she was so willing to give up her Tea once she understood... and it was "just tea".... I was really trying to justify but the Lord's will is so important!  After lots of prayer and scripture study Sister Beers and I decided we did  need to move it.  And man the Spirit truly testified that this was the right thing to do. We both felt at ease.   
So this is the lesson I learned and want to share with you.  The winds and the rain come, and they blow strongly and the push you back and forth, but remember that this is an important part of life.  Do not be discouraged that things aren't easy, that you don't have a perfect life and that things don't always work out the way you want, because that is not the way Heavenly Father's plan works.  He needs us to learn to trust him, so we must abandon our will and do that very thing! Trust that he knows what he's doing, even if you feel like you've been blown off course, turn to him and know that he will help you become strong.  I know that Hilda's testimony of the Word of Wisdom and all the other commandments is going to be so strong because we moved her baptismal date, and I know that the Lord needs her to be strong.  She will be an anchor to her family and to several members of the Branch.

I'm so grateful that Heavenly Father does help us grow each week, I hope you all have been able to recognized his goodness in your lives this week. I love you all and I pray for you!

Choose the Right!

Love Always,

Sister McMaster

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