Monday, September 22, 2014

Fall Leaves and Tamales!

Good Morning Family Dear!

How are you all today?  Spreading joy to the whole world?  I hope so!  Guess what!  Transfers happened and miracle of miracles I get to stay another six weeks in York!   I am soooo happy!  I prayed that I could stay with Sister Beers, and Heavenly Father helped me to see that this is a righteous desire, but now I have a responsibility to make the most of my time here, to work as hard as I can and to give my all to these people and this area.  I love this challenge... it's very exciting.  

So first things first, I know you've all been utterly worried about the missing mouse so I'm here to put you at ease!  The mouse was found!  Under our ridiculously comfortable couch.... ick... I'm basically crying thinking about the little guy.  Freddy is his name... Sister Beers took care of his funeral and gave me clear instructions "Sister, don't look...  stay over there"  I practiced my obedience like a good little missionary and boy was I blessed.  What a great companion I have :) 

In other news... haha  Rene and Hilda's family are just still fantastic.  We had a branch pot luck yesterday and Hilda brought probably hundreds of tamales!  They were delicious, and it is incredible to see Hilda and her incredible faith.  She is such a good missionary.  She is pretty much teaching her husband because he really doesn't speak a lot of English.  The Spanish Hermanas came to York to help us teach him and I'm so grateful they did! It's amazing how he expresses himself when he can say it in his own language.  He should be getting baptized soon (hasn't picked a day yet but that's going to come this week I think!)  Also all of her kids have grown sooo much, they are learning how to be reverent in church and they are also changing as their mom as changed.  That's a cool thing! They get to have the holy ghost in their home more and I know it is effecting their lives.  So cool.   Also cool, she keeps giving away her book of mormon..  haha   She understand so well the power that the book has.  She wants everyone in the whole world to have this joy.  We were reading in Alma 27 about Ammon today in companion study, and Ammon had so much joy he fell to the earth verse 19 is fantastic!  He was so filled with joy his strength left him.  How cool is he?  Hilda reminds me of this.  Her joy is so great she's just going to fall over!
This week I want to have more JOY!  We should all pray for the Joy that makes us fall over!  great visual right?   I've got it!  The leaves on the trees!  They fall to the earth because they are filled with Joy!  Let's be like that!  Fall to the earth because you are so full of joy.

Okay enough with random tangents.... It was a great week.  The spirit was strong here in York.  I'm grateful to be a missionary.  My joy is full.. and I'm filling it continually as strive to do the Lord's will.  It's the best way to live.    Have a really good week this week okay?  Let me know what things bring you JOY!  

Love always,

Sister McMaster


First Leaf of Fall!

Amber and the Sisters in Grand Island

Golden Farm Sunshine... :)

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