Monday, September 29, 2014

Sister Monster

Hi Fam!

How are you today? (you should respond to this question) Having a happy week out in UTAH?  Are you all pumped for GENERAL CONFERENCE!!! I sure hope so because I am!  Best weekend of our lives right?  Can't believe that it's here again.  We are so fortunate to have a prophet that speaks to us every six months.  We are so blessed.

So this week was really great and crazy and full of adventures and miracles and blessings and laughter and all of that good stuff.   First off, good news!  Rene (Hilda"s husband)  Is going to be baptized on November 8th! He's super excited about it and asked us 3 questions after accepting the invitation 1. When will we invite his kids (answer this week!)  2. Will we teach him English and 3.  Can he sing at his baptismal service.  Great questions right?   He's such a prepared person.  He and his family are just such a blessing to the branch.  I'm beyond grateful that Heavenly Father dumped this blessing into our hands.   We literally witnessed a miracle with their family this week.  They were having issues with their housing situation and things were looking extra bad.  Things were falling apart and if they didn't get better there was a possibility of the kids being taken away.... so we were stressed, and so was the RS president and the branch president and everyone... yet as we went to help her in her home to fix things and clean Hilda was just bubbly as could be,  she kept saying "we just need to Trust the Lord" or have Confienzas as she would say. So among all the chaos she ran into some random lady at McDonalds and started sharing the gospel with her and invited her to come to church.... (this was all she would talk about as we tirelesly scrubbed and folded clothes)  She just kept saying "sisters I have work for you... for the mission"  Best part of the story is that her friend that she met came to church, and loved it... and they passed the inspection and will get to keep their kids.  Who knew the Lord could literally pour out these kind of blessings.  My faith was strengthened soooo much!  What a miracle.  

I studied in Mosiah today (that's technically where you should be if you're doing 5 pgs a day!)  and Abinidi is probably one of the coolest people ever.  He told the wicked priests that they had forgotten to teach the most crucial principal possible, which is the atonement of Jesus Christ.  That was the closing doctrine he shared before he was killed.  He wanted them to remember that redemption comes only through Jesus Christ.  This really inspired me, this is the most important thing we can ever understand and teach.  Remember the Savior, access the atonement by remembering him.  How great will be your joy as you do.  

Oh story, we went and did service at a little senior meals center in McCool and we met some crazy people!  (I'm good at finding the crazies!)  But they were fabulous.  There was this really sweet lady that came up to us and read my name and said, "Why hello there Sister Monster" 
She was dead serious and it became a fantastic joke... I'm the Sister Monster I guess... kind of like cookie monster?  OKay maybe not that funny... but kind of!

So life is happy in Nebraska, women's conference was amazing, if you didn't see it.. go back and watch it.  And I'd invite you to have a question for conference!  I'll be doing the same and we can compare notes?  Love you all have a lovely week!


Sister McMonster

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