Monday, September 15, 2014

What's Worse Than Mice?........ A Missing Mousetrap.

Hello Family!  

How are you all doing today?  Happy and healthy? Loving school?  I hope so!  

So this week we had a mild winter scare and I had to whip out my sweaters and tights.... it was terrifying.  Not to worry the Sun is back today and Fall is putting up a better fight I believe.  

It was a really sweet week here in Nebraska, so many miracles so many smiles and tears and laughter and donuts!

So we had back to back Zone Trainings this week. One in Grand Island and one in Lincoln.  Sister Beers and I gave a training on how we need to clean the inner vessel and really focus on strengthening our companionships in order to have greater unity in the units we serve and in the mission as a whole.  I loved this topic!  We have a greater desire to do missionary work if we love our companions!  So I thought we could apply that to our family!  When our family is unified we are more likely to be doing missionary work. So here's the question: How can we be unified when we're all everywhere spread out and far far away?  Well for starters the gospel of Jesus Christ unifies us (see 3Ne 3:7 for a bad example of something that unifies people)  so how can we strengthen our Unity as a family?  that's your pondering question okay?  Yeah we trained on that and it was really cool how our companionship was strengthened.  Sister Beers is a really fantastic missionary and I love working with her.

We also had exchanges this week!  We got nearly rained out in the first exchange and had some crazy interactions with people.  We taught the restoration to this new investigator and she was super receptive, then at the end she was like "I'm not going to commit to do anything! Get out of my house!"  So I guess the wicked take the truth to be hard maybe?  She was kinda sweet about her rejection... maybe we'll stop by again if we're in her area... haha.  On our exchange in Lincoln I got to spend the day with Sister May... she's a rockstar!  For our morning exercise we walked to a donut shop... and bought freshly made cherry turnovers... (perhaps not the most useful exercise of my week)  It as delicious... we also had some crazy weird lessons..  but the joy of bearing testimony of the Book of Mormon comes whether they reject you or not :)  

So to top off our crazy week Hilda got baptized!!! It was one of the most powerful baptisms ever!  She was so spiritually prepared. I can't even describe to you how humbling it is to see someone accept the savior and his atonement. It changes people's lives and it's amazing.  As she came up out of the water she just stood there and held her chest, she was just soaking in the spirit.  I truly believe she received a new heart as she made the covenant to serve god until she dies (Mosiah 18:13)  She walked up the stairs and said "Sisters, I feel different, but i'm not complete yet"  And after her confirmation yesterday she was just beaming. She told Brother Byers, "I feel like a flower that has blossomed!".  Man I wish you all could see how incredible this is, it would totally eliminate any fears you ever have about sharing the gospel.   What an incredible week.

Well I love you all! I'm doing well out here in the middle of nowhere fighting off mice and crickets... It prevents sleep occasionally because I dream about mice...that's kind of horrible.  I hope you don't dream about mice.... and yes we woke up this morning and one of the traps we set out is missing... and we found a tail... so now we may not be able to use our kitchen.  Pray for our toes!  
Love you all! Have a great week!

Sister McMaster

(p.s. if you'r on track with the Book of Mormon you should be in 2 Nephi 27)

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