Monday, September 8, 2014

Tender Mercies: Our Little Reminders to Smile

Hello Family!

How are you all doing this week?  Hope you're smiling a lot, life is such a happy thing and we should always remember to smile! How's your book of Mormon reading going?  If you're on track for finishing by Christmas you should be starting 2 Nephi... so Book of Mormon Marathon if need be :)

We had a busy week yet again!  Heavenly Father truly guided us with where to be and it was a privilege to be a missionary this week.  

Don't have lots of time so I'll just share with you my favorite moment of the week:  Hilda is progressing so well!  We had a lesson at her house with Rene and the two of them are fantastic.  After talking about the Book of Mormon for a little bit she got really excited and asked us to help her find a scripture that she could share with her friend that recently lost her mother.  She then proceeded to tell us all of the people that she has been telling about the Book of Mormon, and how she's been inviting them to see how it can change their life.  She then whispered to us (while Rene was in the other room)  "I asked him if he knew it was true, and he said he does... "  Wow!  So Hilda is convinced that he will want to get baptized soon too! We'll need to find a real spanish teacher though because he speaks less English than Hilda... but He and I make a deal that for every time I pray in Spanish he prays in English... it's great.  I love working with these people.

We had Leadership council this week which is one of my favorite meetings.  I love seeing so many powerful missionaries. It's super motivating and I'm excited to share that excitement this week in our Zone trainings.... We'll be in Lincoln and Grand Island... so it's going to be a crazy week!  

One other cool thing, we had a Relief Society Stake activity on Saturday and I went to Kearney!  That was my first time there.. it was cool to see the place where some of my favorite companions served for a really long time.  Joannie was supposed to come but couldn't make it :(  Hopefully we'll be able to teach her about Joseph Smith this week! She had so many questions!  

Well, I love the Book of Mormon, it's so powerful..  Read it everyday for the rest of your life.  I'm so grateful for the strength that it has brought to my spirit.  I know that no matter where you are in life it will strengthen you and you will truly have a greater understanding of God's love.  How sweet that is, keep reading family!

I love you all! Have a fantastic week!

Love Always,

Sister McMaster

Chocolate Ice Cream with peaches... this week's dessert :)
Sister Long!  My sweet friend that loves peaches and Chocolate :)

Sister Beers and I being awesome...

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