Monday, October 6, 2014

Raise Your Hand If You Loved Conference!

Raise your hand if you want to play the raise your hand game!?

I think they should start saying that in the Saturday afternoon session of conference... that's secretly one of my favorite parts is the raise your hand game that happens in the conference center!  Also it was cool how there were a lot of talks about what it means to sustain the leaders of the church and how they love us with Heavenly Father's love.  That was one of my favorite things. (Lots of favorite things...)  But really it's so true!  Everyday as a missionary we pray to feel God's love for his children, and it's so powerful.  I know that the Prophet and apostles do the same and I can only imagine the power of the love they feel.  So powerful loving one another. I'm grateful with all my heart that I get to love you family!  You're great! You know that right?  Hope so :)

It was a really good week.  Lots of growing and that's always a good thing.  I wish I could express it better but my testimony that our Father in Heaven loves each of us individually and knows our deepest fears and worries has grown very much this week. I feel like such a blessed daughter of God.  I hope you all feel that love every day as you get on your knees and pray to our beloved Father in Heaven.

We saw miracles as we tried new towns in our area! We trekked through the muddy roads of Henderson and we gave a Book of Mormon to three people in the little town of Fairmont, Nebraska.  It's like our neighbor village.  Haha this place is so bonkers I just love it to death.  I love to give the book of mormon away though! It's so powerful to testify of how you know that it will change their life, little do they know that it really 100 % will... I have high hopes that there will be a Fairmont ward one day... that'd be sweet.   We also had a really sweet lesson with Veronica (Hilda's find!)  She's so sweet and just soaked up the restoration.  I love the restoration.. you should study it in preach my gospel (chapter three lesson one)  It is so cool how simply it teaches us that God keeps his promises ALWAYS!  He will not ever forget us and he will always bless our lives as we do what he says.

I left conference feeling motivated and enthusiastic.  I am so grateful for the inspiration of the leaders of the church.  So wonderful.  Glad to hear Dad finally won the st. george marathon!  (you did win didn't you?)  I was thinking about you Saturday morning and I ran almost a whole mile! (getting more and more pathetic in the running category.. aw well!)  

Love you all to the moon and back!  Have a beautiful week!

 Sister McMaster

Ice Cream in Omaha... oh and I found sister Wrubell!

The creepy cornfield in Fairmont... be afraid you'll never know what could pop out!

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