Monday, October 20, 2014

Apples a Falling on my head!

Hello Family Dear!

Do you love the fall?  I sure do! Except when it's apples that fall!  This week we had an exchange in Nebraska City and it was delightful!  We picked apples at the Arbor lodge and it was so fun! (except i got loads of bug bites.... ick..)  but literally apples were falling on my head... it's an awkward thing to dodge... but makes for a great story right?  While I was picking apples I started thinking about a talk by President Uchtdorf from a while ago about our divine worth... I really don't know why this related at all to what I was doing... but the thought that came to mind was "you are infinitely more valuable to God than a falling apple"-- Probably a friendly reminder to not do anything dumb to pick the prettiest apples... I may be a missionary but sometimes I lack common sense... no worries though I heeded that prompting and didn't hurt myself picking apples.


Sister Beers my apple picking buddy!:)

This was a really good week.  Lots of good things are happening here in Nebraska,  We were able to teach Hilda's kids and they are begining to progress.  Hilda really wants them to each have their own conversion which is so cool!  But It's also difficult because their conversions will be different than her own.  Conversion is a process different for every soul.  I hope she has the faith that her children are ready to be baptized.  I love their sweet family.   We also talked to Debbie about baptism this week, she is not confident in her own conversion but said she'd ponder it.  I know that as she ponders prayerfully she will recognized that she has changed in the last few months.  It's amazing because the reason she has changed is because she and her husband (Brother Dean)  have been reading the Book of Mormon every night!  It literally is changing everything!  I have such a testimony that the Book of Mormon can change lives.  Don't underestimate that!  Keep your habits of reading it strong! It's the foundation that you 100% need!  

Sister Beers and I have been learning a lot about foundations this week (perhaps because our foundation in our house is letting in lots of mice... we caught two this morning... they run around with traps stuck to their legs... ick..but they're becoming cuter... maybe that's a spiritual gift so I am less afraid of the little guys)  But really we learned about spiritual foundations, they are absolutely necessary to have.  We both got to speak in church on Sunday (third time in this branch!  that's more than my whole time in Fairview... haha)  We spoke about missionary work (easy topic right?)  I had this crazy idea to talk about powder... who knows why!  But I talked about how when we first got Powder he would run around crazy, and we would chase him quite fruitlessly trying to bring him home, but then Dad would come home and would call for him and he'd be there in an instant.  Then over time we each learned to call to powder with the power and authority that Dad did so that he would know his name.  Similarly in missionary work we learn to call to people with the voice of the good shepherd.  Sometimes as missionaries we run  a muck... not super effective... but as we learn the voice of the Shepherd (through studying the book of mormon and prayer)  We can learn to open or mouths and be the voice of the good shepherd.   So that my family is why we read the book of mormon, and build our foundation on that.  That we can be the instruments that the Lord needs us to be.  

I love you all.  I hope you all keep your foundations strong.  Keep reading keep praying and know that the Lord truly does hear your prayers, he knows your worries and doubts, and he truly does love you.  I'm grateful for your love and Support.  Have a terrific week!

Love Always,

Sister McMaster

PB&J party with my darling Sister Beers

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