Monday, October 27, 2014

Nebraska is getting flatter...everyday!

Hello family!

How are you all doing?  Happy fall!  It has been the most beautiful fall this year!  Such a tender mercy I think.  It hasn't even been that cold!  I just love Nebraska more and more every day.  

Hmmm so what happened this week.... I ate ghost pepper chili! That my friends is never a good idea, ever.  Don't do it because you will cry! haha I only dipped a corner of a cracker into it and it had me crying... haha.  We had a chili cookoff for the branch and Brother Lindsey made his famous sizzle your face off chili.  What an adventure!  All the missionaries were the taste testers so we ate some of all the chilis and were required to try some of his.... thus a cracker dipped in slightly.   Good experience nonetheless..  
We had some crazy adventures this week!  We got a referral from a member which was fantastic... except he didn't know the exact address... just an appartment complex... so Sister Beers and I being crazy decided we'd try everyone in the complex..  because why not right?  We found a new investigator named Sherman!  It was cool, sometimes the Lord is just so good to us.  Sister Beers also lost her voice (which wasn't cool...) But she sounded really funny... so that was funny...But we went to try the referral at their work (because we also had that information)  But ended up just being weirdly creepy... and ordering strawberry burritos.. yup it was a good story but for some reason doesn't really make sense right now.  

We had an exchange in Columbus which was fun!  I got to make Cuban food with their recent convert.  He started yelling at me in Spanish because I accidentally dumped in a whole cup of garlic... opps!  But I was forgiven and we enjoyed fried fish and Cuban rice.  We also taught an English class which was great because I've needed to learn how so we can teach Rene English.  Rene is still set for November 8th, but will need to move it because we haven't been able to get people over there that speak Spanish... we told the branch council this and they were so sad there were several volunteers to help us teach him.. cool right!  It's an answer to prayers really.  The lord works in mysterious ways.  We had tried several times to get an Hermana down to york for the day and everytime something would go wrong, So I thnk it's because the Branch will be strengthened as they take charge of this investigator.  And we're praying his kids will follow too.. They're so sweet.

So a bit scattered here today, but very grateful for everyday.  Being a missionary is beautiful.  It's the most remarkably life changing thing a person could ever do.  I don't know if I'll ever be able to express how grateful I am to be here.  This week Sister Call, Sister Youngberg and Sister Schrader go home!  Yikes!  I'm going to miss their spirits out here in the field.  That's half my companions... weird.  So many things will probably be changing.... We have a busy week planned which is good because It helps me not stress about the coming weeks.  

I love you all soo much and I hope you all have a really great week!  I'm praying for you all.  Have an excellent Halloween! (Oh and Nebraska is getting flatter.. because they're cutting all the corn down! No more corn :(  )

Love always,

Sister McMaster

Brother Lindsey.. spicy Chili king!

Hastings Sisters! Love them.. we'll miss Sister Frisina!

We made an epic Lunch yesterday... looks delicious right?  All thanks to the Aurora Branch, they're the best.

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