Monday, November 10, 2014

A Mighty Change of Heart

Dear Mom, Dad, Sarah, Thomas, Natalie, Tanner, Jace and anyone else who possibly reads this,

Hi! How are you all doing this week?  Did you see miracles somewhere? (this is a real question requesting an answer!?)  

There were miracles here in North Platte of that there is no doubt.  I love it here.  I love the people so much.  How is it possible to sit in a Sacrament meeting and recognize the strength and variety of each of these spirits.  They each have a special relationship with Heavenly Father, as a missionary you feel that, it's real.  The Lord is so good to us.  Having charity for people you've known for a week is a weird thing but man it's cool.  We should all be missionaries for forever because it is the happiest we could ever be, hands down.  

So one miracle was meeting Anne.  So there is an incredible man in the ward named Charles.  Charles goes by "Sarge" and is thrilled by anyone who will listen to his stories of when he was a Sargent in the military.  He loves missionaries and the gospel but his dear wife is not a member.  She's a tough cookie to crack but has a very sweet heart.  Anyway, Sarge takes us to McDonalds once a week to get lemonades and to have a lesson with him and his wife.  It's pretty great.  This week we were able to talk to some of the other veterans that meet there.  One of them is named Don.  Don has seen the Sisters come week after week and was very aware that we love to do service!  So he asked us this week, will you stop by and help me clear out some sunflower stallks?  So we agreed!  And the next day we were put to work clearing out his yard,  after which we met his wife Anne.  She's a sweetheart that loves to talk to us and share some of her faith.  She hates calling us Sister so she calls me Molly... that's a little weird but I think she'll get over it soon.  But the best part of meeting with her is that we were able to testify of Eternal Families!  ( I just read Kasandra's e-mail and was super inspired... how cool that universally this is the best thing ever to teach people)  The family is of God. There is no doubt about that and what a miracle that that simple principle ties us all together and back to Him, our wonderful Father in Heaven.  

So that's why we do anything in the gospel, that's why we serve missions, that's why we go to church, that's why we read the Book of Mormon everyday.  We do it because we love our families and want them to last longer than this life.  We don't want to ever be separated!  Isn't that incredible! (personal epiphany moment)  

So Sister Newbold and I had a great great week.  We are both ready to see miracles and see this area progress like it never has.  We felt so inspired this morning.  The people here are 4 hours a way from a temple, which is really far for living in the US... We're in a place where a temple will be one day!  How cool that we can lay down the foundation for more families to be sealed.  We were super motivated.  This work is most definitely  not our own and the Lord knows what needs to happen.  We are both determined to be the instruments that the Lord needs us to be and to serve with all our Heart Might Mind and Strength.  

Keep pressing forward! I'm grateful to have you as my Eternal Family.  Let's do this together!  Love you forever!


Sister McMaster 

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