Monday, November 17, 2014

Pray in Faith

Dear McFamily,

How goes it out there in the Rocky Mountains?  

Life is charming here in Nebraska.  We had a spiritual feast this week, I wish I could send you each your own personal to-go box of the feast... because well it was delicious to the soul. 

If you're smiling then I've accomplished my purpose, you don't need to read on.  :) Really though, Elder Brent H Nielson gave some incredibly powerful trainings, as did his wife!   My favorite thing that I learned was from Sister Nielson.  She is a really powerful teacher!  She taught us about how miraculous the Lord's work is and how we each truly are his instruments.  She invited us to study Holiness, and to invite others to do so as well, so now you're smiling and have an assignment to study Holiness. (if you want to! but will you do it?)  We can find holiness in everyday life. That was her message.  Don't ever think that the trivial things you do are unimportant, Father in Heaven knows what you do, and needs you to be his instrument.  Be an instrument of the Lord, not just a person doing everyday people things... cool thought right?  So that's was what I decided to change this week, I want to really be an instrument in the Lord's hand, not just a missionary sitting in someone's home.  There's a difference, but we cannot doubt our ability to be an instrument.  We simply have to practice being holy everyday, and we can do all that we are needed to do.  Simple yes, easy? Not as much... but most definitely possible :)

So we went on a road trip to Lincoln... which means Sister Newbold and I got to know each other really well... she's fantastic... we are like best friends.  I'm so grateful to be serving with her now.  We also are temporarily moved out of our housing... because the Marshalls have family coming in for Thanksgiving... So we live in a vacant house... that was formally owned by a lady in the ward.  It's a tragic story about how she passed away in childbirth, long story short a man in the stake is taking care of the house and we get to live in it for 2 weeks.  It's mildly creepy but kinda a neat experience.   

North Platte is oozzzing with potential.  I'm so grateful to be here right now!   We will be meeting with Anne this week! I hope it goes well and that she has a desire to progress!  We're really focusing on strengthening the Ward right now, really helping them all have solid testimonies that they are confident in sharing with their friends.  There will be fruits to Harvest soon I am sure.

I hope you all have a terrific week!  I love you all very very much! Remember that you are loved! Pray on! Miracles will Follow! :)

Love Always,

Sister McMaster

Sister Weston! and Sister Newbold :)

we are the mcsisters... yup there's three of us McCauley, McFadgen and McMaster...

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