Monday, December 29, 2014

I Looked out the window and what did I see?


Hi People! How are you this blustery snowy morning?  Living the High life of that week of no school? I hope so!  

So it was cool to see your smiling faces this last week and meet little Jace Face... He's just as cute as he looks in pictures so that's a relief.  :)

We're just going to town here in North Platte, it was cool because last week while I was e-mailing you I realized how important it really is to focus on the Temple (I guess you can receive revelation where ever you are if you're seeking the spirit) So we titled this week the week of progression.  We are going to help this ward be progressing.  We are all at different points but it is so important that we never stop progressing. We have to keep climbing up, no plateauing okay?

So here's the Progress for this week... It snowed the day after Christmas... (thanks for hogging the snow clouds you crazies!)  The Kroons now have an established vision of their family being sealed in the temple.  That's cool!  The Bowkers are also more committed to their goal of being in the temple again.  We starting teaching their granddaughter-in-law and she's more committed to read from the Book of Mormon and learn. We met a lady that had received a He is the Gift card earlier in the week that accepted a Book of Mormon.  We're working more with the members and helping them have a better vision of doing missionary work. The Clutters are praying for people we're hoping to teach. We're praying for people they're hoping to teach.  It's a good system. 

Missionary work is a work of progression.  I feel like the more we do it we seriously do grow closer to our Savior. I hope you all understand that, that's why we'll all be missionaries for the rest of our lives okay?  Our Savior is right there just waiting for us to choose to grow closer to him.

Cool scripture from my Study this morning from 2 Nephi 10:14

"I will be light unto them forever, that hear my words."

I love this promise. The lord will be our LIGHT forever. No matter how dark it may seem or busy or chaotic or whatever.  Our responsibility in receiving this promise is to hear the words.  Listen.  So that's what I want to share with you this week. I hope you are all listening to the spirit. Stop and be still for a moment and really listen. Then let that light guide you forever because it will.

I love you all!  I hope you have a fantastic week and New Years!  Talk to you Next Year!

Love Always,

Sister McMaster 
Christmas treats!
Bundling up with Sister Harris!

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