Monday, December 1, 2014

Stand at the Door and Knock.

Dear Family,

Hello today!  Did you eat lots and lots of turkey this week?  I sure hope so!

We had quite a fulfilling week... (spiritually and physically)  So many great experiences, I wish I could just throw them all up at you... but that's disgusting and I don't know how to do it.  

Really though. It was a sweet week.  Faith building for sure.  We actually got to go to a homeless shelter on Thanksgiving and serve Thanksgiving Dinner there.  That was cool. We're going to start doing service there regularly, but it was so cool to forget ourselves and how we weren't with the people we're most grateful for (you guys!)  and just serve people.  That's the best thing about missionary work.  You just get to love serving people everyday.  It's the best thing ever.

Miracle of the week... so I'm sure you're wondering about how our 25 Book of Mormon loans did... well I'm sad to report we only got 15.  So i'm assuming you all did your job and our combined efforts equal 25! right?!  Haha regardless, our faith grew like a weed. (That's what Sister Newbold says grows fastest)  ready for the story??

There we were.  (pause for dramatic effect) 

Praying.  What's new right?  We decided in our companion study that we needed to pray in every prayer to find a family to teach. Combined faith is super powerful. We went to district meeting and were inspired by a training that was recapping instruction from a General Authority,  it was incredibly motivating and gave clear instruction on how we can work with the Members better in helping this work become a team effort.   Then we received a phone call from a recent convert from Kearney (random... unexpected...) She asked us to come visit her because she was in North Platte for Thanksgiving.  So we did.  We drove to an obscure part of our area hoping to help this girl.  While parking we saw a girl sitting on the corner of the street... "Go talk to her!" was the thought in my head... but the girl we were visiting ran out of her house and we didn't get to go see that girl... ( I mentally named her Charlotte..)  Our lesson with her went well but it was time to go home after the lesson.  No family yet.

Two days later:   The girl from Kearney calls us again.... and wants us to come over again... (strange... we doubted our need to go)  We called the Kearney Sisters to see if it would be helpful to visit her multiple times and they strongly encouraged us to go.... so we did.  And again had a decent lesson with her in an obscure part of our area.  This time it wasn't too late, so we went to go find Charlotte.  We stood at the door and knocked.   Miracle of miracles Randy opened the door.  He and his family want to be taught, and they know 2 members of the ward.  They were very open and we invited them to come closer to Jesus Christ.  Doesn't mean they'll get baptized... but they could!  My faith was strengthened.  I know the Lord is aware of every single person in this world.  He cares enough to teach us.   So keep praying, and press forward when opposition seems to arise.  He'll provide a way.  He always does.

I hope to report more miracles.  Mostly though I want you all to know how grateful I am for each and every one of you.  I hope you have seen your testimonies grow in the last few weeks, I hope you thank our Father in Heaven for the testimony that you have.  Keep the Faith!  Love you all!

Love Always,

Sister McMaster

 Sister Newbold and her baby spoon... and a pizza

cows.. in the cornfield... in the snow....

Meeting the world war II veteren in our ward! He's 91!  Cool man :)

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