Monday, December 22, 2014

Let Earth Receive Her King

Yellow Family!

Another crazy week out here in the fields of Nebraska!  So much Joy, who knew that sharing glad tidings of great Joy would be such a special experience?  It really is the most Joyous thing a person could do.  Perhaps I mentioned this last year but I'll say it again, I truly feel that we were among the angels declaring good tidings of great joy at the time of the Savior's birth, and our spirits haven't changed!  We to this day will forever have the greatest joy as we Declare this Joy!  

So it was busy!  Christmas Zone Conference was such a treat... So much love from all of those missionaries.  President and Sister Weston gave training's on the Savior and how our hearts have been changed from reading the Book of Mormon.  It was perfect.  Because the Savior loves us so very much he gives us the opportunity to Change every day and he gives us a perfect tool to change us, the book of Mormon.  If I haven't said it enough than I'll say it again, I know that book is true and I am so very grateful for it and the strength it gives me every single day and hour of my life.  I don't know what I'd do without that.   

We also were blessed with an opportunity to go to Kearney and work in the Kearney area for a day, that was exciting.  Sister Lutz and Sister Wilson are our Sister Training Leaders and they are fantastic.  They have such love and are very skilled in helping me personally to feel loved, appreciated and capable to press forward.  It was a good exchange and I got to meet a family that Sister Youngberg helped activate, that was a tender mercy.  I love all the people that we get to meet and to cross paths with.  

Once back in North Platte it was back to work!  We are trying to find a solid family to be teaching!  We're doing what we can!  I was reminded this morning about how important it is to be exactly obedient.  That is our sole responsibility, the Lord will provide all the rest to accomplish his work if we are obedient. Cool right?  It's simple but not so easy!  

There are some incredible people we are working with however, families that are preparing to go to the temple! That's a really cool conversion to be a part of as well.  We will hopefully be able to help these families have the Faith to Live all of the commandments and truly receive all the blessings our father has in store for them.  That will be a miracle I hope to see, seeing more than one family enter the walls of the temple! (it feels like forever since I've been to the temple!  It's rough living so far away from the temple!)  I hope you all appreciate how close the temple is to you and take advantage of going often!  That would be my Christmas Wish for you, that you get to all be in the temple together. I'll be there in spirit and we'll all go some day :)  

I love you all so very much! I"m excited to see your little faces on Thursday!  Thank you so very much for your love and support! Thank you for the letters and little packages! I appreciate all that you do for me! You truly are the best family in the whole world!  Love you forever!

Love Always,
Sister McMaster

Sister Wrubell and Sister these two sooooo much!
Sister Harris and I Woot Woot!
Found Sister Newbold! We played Sleigh Ride! It felt sooo good to play that again...we went way too fast as normal but had the whole room clapping with us thanks to the goates encouraging I love our family!

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