Monday, June 16, 2014

Bacon Cheeseburgers With a Side of Flat Tire

Hello Family!

Need I say more?  That's pretty much what happened this week.  haha (those awkward moments when you and your companion laugh hysterically in the library for no good reason)  

So Happy Father's day!  Sorry to hear no one has been sleeping this week... but Jace is worth it right?  He's just sad because his favorite Aunt is so far away (no hard feelings soap...).

Really though it has been quite a week perhaps I'll start by telling you about a very sweet miracle that happened.  So there we were on highway 2 Wednesday morning at approximately 10:04 AM Central Standard Time.... when I started praying, something bad was happening and the sound of a helicopter pulled my memories to stories told by wise sisters and cousins about the signs of a flat tire... we pulled off the road and sure as sure can be that tire was dead as a door nail. So who did we call?  The Nebraska City Sisters of course!   So there we were, four sister missionaries staring at the tire that was quite properly jacked into place ready to be removed, but our strength was nothing for those stupid bolts.  With all four of us bouncing up and down they wouldn't budge.  So Sister Beck stopped us all and asked "why haven't we prayed yet?"  We all felt silly and bowed our heads as Sister Beck prayed for the strength to remove the flat tire.  I had high expectations of seeing a miracle of a little sister missionary becoming as strong as 10 men... she put her head up and exerted her strength, but nothing happened.  Feeling a bit disappointed we sat there... when not more than 10 seconds later a kind man walked up behind the car and asked if he could help.  Withing 4 min we had our spare tire in place and were again on the road.  This was amazing!  We learned a cool lesson about miracles.  Sometimes we feel like we know what would be best, we plea for Heavenly Father to give us the strength of 10 men, but he knows that sending someone to help will be more beneficial to all parties.  How grateful I was that that gentleman stopped to help us out, and how grateful I am that prayers are answered.

I definitely have felt strengthened this week.  It has been an interesting week with exchanges and everything I am learning so much.  I wish I could tell you everything but it's hard to pull out of my brain, ultimately I know that Heavenly Father's plan is real and that he is guiding us and helping us find our way.  I know that my path right now is supposed to run through Nebraska... weird right?  But it's the best path I ever could have taken.  Karen is so excited to be baptized!  Thank you all for your prayers.  I thought it was special that her name is Karen, I know a few of those ;)  She surprises me every time we see her with how much she loves the gospel and how she can see God's hand in her life.  It inspires me to remember God's hand in my own life and I know that that has been significant.  Keep your testimonies strong my favorite people!  I know that this is so important to do.  I love you all so much!

Lastly, for Father's day we went to a member's house who is actually a widow of about 5 years.  Father's day is understandably a difficult day for her (she has 9 kids youngest is 5)  So we made her dinner!  We made Bacon Cheeseburgers.. and man were they good! (sorry humility is something I constantly work on)  then we listened to "Life's like a Football Game" (thanks Tanner!)  The little boys enjoyed it haha it was cool to invite the spirit into their home and help them remember the plan of salvation and the promise of eternal families.  

I'm so grateful for our eternal family.  I hope you all have a fantastic week full of miracles, and hopefully more sleep :)  Love you all forever!

Love Always,

Sister McMaster

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