Monday, June 2, 2014

Let The Holy Spirit Guide

Good Morning Family!

I hear you are all at a funeral right now, how odd it is to not be there. I feel as though it has been a long time since I have been to a funeral (intentionally that is... can't discredit those awkward times when you play at people's funerals in sweat pants or whatever because you happen to be there) , which perhaps is a good thing, but you will all be in my thoughts and prayers today. How glorious it is to know that we are an eternal family that cannot be separated even in death. That's why we keep going because of that single incredible truth.  God loves us so much that he wants us to have the most happiness. I know that I was so blessed when I got to come to our family.  I love you all.  I imagine Grandpa Tom is having a unique week, I wonder what his weekly e-mail would look like this week, perhaps he'd talk about the rejoicing moment of his dear older brother John joining him in the Spirit world, and the pep talk he's giving to his Great-grandson Jace as he prepares for this earth life.   I know he's proud this week.  I have felt so humble this week to know how great the love of our Father in Heaven truly is.  He knows how to help us in whatever trials life brings. 

This week started off a bit rough... I was just mentally feeling very lost and alone, it's weird, this doesn't happen to me a lot but when it does I often flounder for a bit not knowing where to go.  Silly right because you'd think it would be obvious.  A favorite quote that I saw on a sister's wall goes like this "I often find myself on my knees because there seemed no other place to go"  I don't think that is the exact quote but I think it was by Abraham Lincoln, it has inspired me periodically.  I found this to be true in my struggles, as I knelt and just let myself talk to our Father in Heaven things began to change. I'm not going to say it was like a lightbulb and all of a sudden life was amazing because that's not the way life works.  I simply knew I was loved, and knew I could press forward even if it seemed hard.    So moral of the week:  the sunrise came through, and once again the world is a beautiful place.   I hope I can remember this lesson always and I hope you all can too.  When things seem difficult get on your knees and wait, because when we endure well, we receive some of the greatest blessings heaven has to offer.  

So Karen our investigator is doing so well!  She came to church yesterday and is very excited to be baptized!  Isn't that exciting!  She loves testimony meeting and yesterday the spirit was so strong at church, so many people just kept testifying of the restoration of the gospel it was incredible.  Joseph Smith was truly called of God and that simple truth has changed the lives of millions.   The lesson we had with her this week was all about the spirit world and how she can be sealed to her husband for time and all eternity!  She was sooo excited to hear this and we have seen a change in her desire to learn, she wants to learn not just for herself, but for him and for all of her family.  Having a focus on the family is truly inspired, the gospel blesses families! That's why it exists!  Can you think of all the ways the gospel has blessed our family?   We could probably think of a million.   I love being able to see other people's families become strengthened as they hear and learn about the gospel.

Well I hope you all have a spiritually uplifting week.  Know that I am praying for you!  I pray that everything goes well with Natalie!  I'm so very excited to know when I get to be a real Aunt!  I love you all, this gospel is true and I am so grateful for the opportunity to share it.  

Love you forever and eternity!

Sister McMaster

rain is falling all around! (not a black eye... just rain smeared make-up... classy right?)

I love to look for rainbows.... :)

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