Monday, June 30, 2014

Fish Out of Water in York.

Hello Family!  How are you all doing??

Out playing in Bear Lake I guess?  So funny story, Mom said that Powder was in Heaven, probably meaning that he was loving bear lake, I misunderstood and thought he had gone to real heaven, so I was sad this whole week missing Powder only to learn that he's just with you all in Bear Lake heaven :)  funny communication problems! but I'm glad Powder is still doing well!  

SO Transfers happened!!!!!!!!!!!  I knew I'd be leaving... I was scared out of my mind... pit of my stomach was all knotted ya know?   And off I go!  I'm now serving in York, Nebraska.  Coolest place on the planet!  I'm so excited!  My new companion is Sister Wrubell, and it's awesome because we were in the MTC together, She's been in York for as long as I was in Fairview so it's crazy that she stayed another transfer.  We are serving together as Sister Training Leaders and it is a blast.  

So here's all the cool things about this area:  it is 100% opposite from everything I have done my whole mission slash life.  We live in McCool Junction (I'm sure president couldn't resist sending Sister McMaster to McCool)  And the members we live with have like a little baby farm, they have 2 horses 3 goats, lots of chickens and geese and bees!  We live in a little baby house on their property and it's so cute!  I feel like I just jumped into Anne of Green Gables... Also we are the "York Sisters" but we are serving in the Aurora Branch.  So church is in a different town... I've never served in a branch before so this is super new too!  

Other best part, we drive a truck.  How sweet is that?  Tanner you'd be super jealous... actually all the Elders are super jealous but we live on a farm so it's ours. :)  

So yes that's what happened.  It was so bitter sweet to leave Fairview.  Those people will always have such a special place in my heart and I am so grateful that I was able to serve and love them for soooo long.  I miss them a lot.  I was feeling overwhelmed because Sister Wrubell opened this area and knows these people like the back of her hand.  She is so good at loving them, and they are working with a ton of people!  The people here are sooo nice and it amazes me how different the culture is out here in western Nebraska (I'm about 1 hour west of Lincoln.... so not tooo far west but ya know)  We are already seeing so many miracles, I feel so humbled to be in an area where the people are so missionary minded.  If all wards were this motivated to do the work that we would be living in Zion!  

This has kind of been a thought I've had recently, I need to hold on to the energy I had when I first stepped into Nebraska, where I knew so little but was so ready to run!  Being here is helping me to not let myself get burned out.  This branch is running, they are amazing.  I know this is where I'm supposed to be, I decided I will savor every minute of being here.  The sweetness of being a missionary is so irreplaceable I hope all of you can taste of that joy.  

Last little thought: Gratitude. Such a powerful thing!  I learned this week that gratitude it how we prevent ourselves from becoming prideful.  We must be grateful for the experiences we have currently been blessed with.  I am feeling very grateful this week and I would hope that each one of you has an opportunity to ponder all that you are grateful for.  Thank you all for your amazing examples to me.  

I know Heavenly Father's plan is so real, I'm so grateful to be a part of it!  Have a splendid week! I love you all!

Love Always,

Sister McMaster

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